How Virginia Became Ground Zero in the American Culture War


Virginia, which is now being called a blue state, how long is it going to be blue? Or is it going to stay that way? Again, the counties around Washington, D.C. are reliably blue for a variety of different reasons. The first reason of course is its proximity to the power center to the kingdom of Washington, D.C.. The second is the amount of universities that are in Northern Virginia, which is extraordinary. If you look at the amount of universities in D.C. and Virginia, the third of which is, of course, the fact that a lot of first generation low wage worker immigrants move to Northern Virginia to be able to make the life of luxury possible for so many people that live in Northern Virginia. And many, many of the refugee resettlement programs and the immigration, the mass immigration programs come to Northern Virginia, which has resulted in a totally different political type atmosphere to win an election in Virginia. And so Virginia Democrats have been able to win, reliably by running up the score Northern Virginia, being able to win in Richmond and win on the Virginia coast. The rest of Virginia is very conservative, by the way. Lynchburg is very conservative, Blacksburg isn't because of Virginia tech, but Virginia, Virginia used to be a very conservative state. Charlottesville is obviously not very conservative because the University of Virginia, Blacksburg is Virginia tech, Charlottesville is University of Virginia Lynchburg's Liberty University which is actually a pretty conservative area. Richmond is a very, very Democrat area, and so Virginia seemed dead on arrival for years. There have been great candidates before, running for governor as Republicans, and they always get disappointed. And right, of course, the current governor of Virginia's give and a Ralph northam of Virginia and he won against a pretty good candidate who was the Republican canon in 2017. I can't remember Virginia's goofy. Virginia has elections in off years for their statewide elected officials. So 2017, 2021, 2013, they do every four years and in coming up in a couple weeks, is the Virginia governor's race. And Democrat operatives all across the country, they are going a full court press they are trying to California recall the Virginia race. They're going all in. They're raising money they're bringing in surrogates, so Terry mcauliffe, who is the corrupt Clinton surrogate and wants to be governor of Virginia, I think, again, he was governor once, right? Years ago. He says, look, yesterday I had Jill Biden here. I've had Stacey Abrams. Now, let me just say this. What constituency gets excited about having Stacey Abrams I've got Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance bottoms. Oh, I see the type. He's building a constituency on how to fraudulently steal elections. That's who he's bringing in. President Obama and, of course, Joe

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