September Jobs Report Disappointing Under Liberal Economy


Ready to do my podcast this morning And one of the things I do because I'm always behind closed curtains in the dark all day And I get sad not sad like sand the acronym seasonal affective disorder Like I need some sun 'cause you do get sad on sand right So for like ten minutes before producer D tells me he's ready to start taping the podcast I sit outside in the sun to get some sun in my eyeballs to not turn into one of those weird looking things like the oracles from the 300 movie you know with the white nasty looking skin and stuff That's what'll happen to me So I'm outside and I'm reading a couple stories right before the podcast gets started And if these two stories are improved positive about the cancer eating this country alive that the modern liberal is I don't know what is A story number one the jobs numbers come out Now explain to me how now that the economy is reopened you have money everywhere The federal government has printed a boatload of money with no value to back it You have a bunch of people clamoring to get out to go out and eat to go back to shows You have packed college football stadiums You have Christmas coming up explain to me in what damn universe An economy should be struggling right now to hire people I will wait liberal idiots I will wait a minute because you're too stupid to figure out the question Jim's like you better say something We're gonna go to a best of it You can't take time out on radio Like after 5 or 6 seconds it kicks to a best of I can't leave you that much time even though you're very dumb and can't figure it out In what world should the jobs numbers we were expecting 500,000 new jobs And we only got a 194 for liberals listening That's less than half In what world does that make sense to you

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