A highlight from #195 Mike Noori: Fall WSOP Bracelet Winner Back for Round 2


High stakes mixed game beast. Mike, ignoring. Mister nori. Welcome back to chasing poker greatness, sir. How you been? Good, thanks for having me back Brad. Yeah, it's my pleasure. It's my pleasure. The first question that I ask is, what have you been up to since round one? Let's catch up. Let's see. Played a lot of poker. Whether it's been online or live and I've been playing a decent amount in Vegas, cash game wise. Obviously, the World Series started. And I want to bracelet, so that was really fun. And also, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So just kind of been playing poker and doing the same thing, but the results have been pretty good lately, so. That's good. Always nice to be on an upswing. Yeah. How are the cash games out there at the WSOP? Cash games are very good. I've been kind of focusing more on tournaments. Since the World Series started, but I was out here. I've been out here two weeks early so that I could play just cash games before because I knew I was going to want to play a lot of tournaments. So those two weeks before the games were really good and I've been out of tournaments I've gone and played some high stakes mixed games and I've been doing, okay at that. So what are high stakes in the mixed game? Anywhere from three and 600 and I've played a couple 6 and 1200 sessions. So nice. It sounds sounds like a good time. What's the expected swing on a 600, 1200 mixed game session? Probably like plus or minus like 50, 60 K, roughly, depending on how crazy the game is. Obviously it can be more, but that's probably about average for those stakes. Good approximation. Yeah. Cool man. Let's dive into the bracelet. We're not just going to. I'm just going to have it as a bullet point. Let's talk about talk about how it went down, your tournament slate that you prepared to play. All your plans. Yeah, so basically I kind of was just in the next tournament up mode basically. It didn't matter what the game was and you know I just kind of would just take day by day and just be like, okay, this is the next tournament there. I don't mind late Reggie stuff or even like max light Reggie tournaments. So I just kind of would just be next tournament up. I wasn't playing two tournaments at the same time ever, but I would, you know, whatever tournament I was in, I would just focus on and then once I was out of that tournament, just see what was next and figure out what I wanted to enter and go from there. So with the monster stack, I originally had played pretty funny story actually. I was playing the 1500 deuce to 7 no limit tournament first. I wasn't even I was considering playing the monster stack like either the next day or not at all depending on how I did in these smaller mixed tournaments because I think my edge in the smaller mixed tournaments is bigger than the large field no limit tournaments. So I played I busted and I reentered this small 1500 no limit single draw tournament right away, both bullets I was out right away. But that tournament started at 3 p.m., I started late. There was an hour left of the monster stack registration and I was like, okay, I'm just gonna go play this. For an hour and a half on day one, and then I could have tomorrow off to play cash games or play golf or whatever. So like that sounded appealing to me. So I was like, okay, I wasn't even planning on playing this tournament because that term started at 10 a.m.. And the other events started at 3 p.m.. So I didn't even have it wasn't even a consideration. But you just happened to snap bust out two bullets and be available to play. Correct. And it was like right after dinner break and they left registration open longer than they normally do in these the events that started attending. I'm normally I cut them off at dinner, but this one they cut off at like 8 p.m. if I recall correctly. So when it bought in, I mean, this is a freeze out event, so I couldn't even play tomorrow if I wanted to play the following day. So this was my only shot at it. So you get down sit down with 50 K starting chips and I bagged, I

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