Did the Salvation Army's Racism Guide Come From Official Leadership or a Rogue Person?


So both my in laws are officers for the Salvation army up in D.C.. And I can promise you this is not the Salvation army. This is a rogue person doing this. They deal with it all the time. I believe your son is still affiliated with this outbreak on the correct. Most certainly is, and he's devastated as well. He's very frustrated. Tim to ask his majors, some to ask his majors, what they know about. So this is coming from THQ, which is in Atlanta. This is all rogue. This is not the Salvation or I can promise you is not them. Salvation army has released a statement, Manny. The Salvation army is defending their racism guide. They argue the reading here from this is from the Washington examiner. They're arguing the new guide is meant to encourage discussion about racism. They denied that they attempt to indoctrinate, but here's what they say. The Salvation army has occasionally published study guides on various complex topics, including race to help foster positive conversations and reflection. The hope is that by openly discussing these issues, we can discourage a more thoughtful organization that is better positioned to serve those in need. They're not they're not they're not saying what you're saying, Manny. This is not one rogue person. Yeah. Literally, both my in laws have been Salvation army also for 27 years or up in D.C. and as soon as I heard you say it. The first thing I did was text it and my father in law said this is not them. So I'm texting him exactly what you said. Well, please do. And Manny, it's all online. You can find it. There is again an official response from the Salvation

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