Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Was Gone for Two Months, Failing to Inform Americans


People have wondered where's Kamala Harris when it comes to the border right Where's Kamala Harris And then people wondered where is Pete Buttigieg When it comes to transportation and the supply chain and truckers and freighters and containers and all the rest While he was on paternity leave for two months for two months so when piza the serial liar for the idiot president is lying to the American people about how they've been working on this for months She failed to tell the American people That the secretary transportation the key individual who's supposed to be In a captaining this sort of thing was missing in action that he was on paternity leave It's also amazing that the president of the United States didn't call him back into action either It's just that people finally figured out the guy hasn't been around That's how seriously this administration takes The shortages The supply chain failures That's how serious they are about

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