Too Many Locations (MM #3859)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. You see people talking all the time about the employee employment shortage these days and what's going wrong and where you sit on the political fence kind of determines your view on everything. I was driving down the road the other day and realized something. We sometimes have too many locations of fast food places, and that may also be part of the reason why we have such an employer employee shortage. I was driving down a road here in Nashville, which kind of spans about three or four cities. From Nashville into some of the suburbs. And as I was driving down Lebanon pipe the other day, I realized I just passed three KFCs within the span of about 5 miles. Straight line all on the same side of the street, three Kentucky fried chickens. Do we really need that many KFCs that close together in the same neighborhood now I realize there are three technically different suburbs, but at the same time do we need that many? How many more burger kings or McDonald's do we need? Yes, I realize we like having the convenience of something nearby around the corner, but could that be part of our problem too? We're overbuilding just a thought process. I could be wrong, but it's got me wondering.

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