Pro-Trump Activist Scott Presler Travels Nation to 'Make America Clean and Great Again'


Welcome back to one on one with mister Reagan, AKA Chris nose. Chris, what is your message after this incredible upset in Virginia? What do you say to all those people who weren't paying attention to politics? When watching your show weren't listening to my show, but are now saying, yeah, these people who've been running things for decades their crazy. Should they just be listening or should they be doing more than that, Chris? Well, I'll tell you what. Who's the guy that went around doing all the cleanup Evers? The tall skinny guy. Oh, I know. The photo registration. Yeah, really good guy. Yeah. I know who you mean. He's doing. He's doing a hell of a job. Just going around and getting people engaged in running for their local school. I'm cleaning up Baltimore, getting a hundred people to go to Baltimore with trash bags and clean stuff up. Get your producer to find that guy's name. We need to promote that guy. He's an awesome guy. That's right. Yeah, he would actually physically go out with a bunch of people and clean up poor neighborhoods. Literally got pressed there. Good call. Good call. Thank you. Scott pressler. I interviewed him on the show. Awesome guy. Just really good personable human being, you know? And he would go out and he would physically clean up these neighborhoods. And the funny thing is, it's like these were oftentimes black inner city neighborhoods. And these are the neighborhoods that Democrats say they care about. Have you ever heard of a group of Democrats going out and physically cleaning the trash off the sidewalks in a black neighborhood? Of course not. But you do hear about conservatives doing it. And that's the kind of grassroots type thing that we need. And you made a good point about media. We are behind in portraying conservatives in a way that America likes. And I think the reason is because when you get when you have to lie about something, you have to be convincing. When you have to tell the truth, you don't feel like you have to invent some kind of amazing show. So conservatives aren't that good at presenting a show of who we are, left is a great at. They've been doing it for decades. So they're great at the show because they got to sell the lie. We're not that good at the show, because we're like, well, of course they're going to believe it. It's the truth. You

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