A highlight from The CRUSADE Channel Newscast For October 29th 2021


Crusade channel news news you can trust because the truth can be trusted from the crusade channel. News desk hello crusaders. My name is jim. Zion and a half you crusade channel headlines for today friday october. Twenty ninth twenty twenty one coming up trying to pass a budget in washington. More trouble for a former governor and cnn sets a record and not a good one. Our top headline facebook is officially undergoing a name change. Founder mark zuckerberg said on thursday. That facebook will change its corporate name to simply meta 'em eta now. The company formerly known as facebook also said in a press release that it plans to begin trading under the stock ticker and the r. s beginning in december first. A rebranding is obviously part of an effort to overhaul facebook's reputation and turn the page. Facebook has undergone a series of pr nightmares lately those troubles included numerous cases of misinformation on its platforms after the announcement late on thursday. Facebook stock rose three point six percent in washington. The house is addressing the budget and joe. Biden's build back better agenda. Our political correspondent. Magdalene rose has more billion-pound spending on healthcare services and transport were among plans. British finance minister announced in his latest budget statement on wednesday. He told lawmakers in the uk parliament that the government budget delivers a stronger economy for the british people stronger growth with the uk recovering faster than our major competitors. Growth up jobs up and debt down. He said let there be no doubt. Our plan is working. He went on to say the fall budget would begin the work of repairing for a new economy post kovin. He added the budget would help to build an economy fit for a new age of optimism. He also announced the total departmental spending would increase in one hundred fifty billion euros over this parliament representing the largest increase. This century countries around the world are trying to prepare their economies for post cova time however because of covered restrictions in the fact that many companies are dealing with kovic mandates and restrictions. It is increasingly difficult to do. So so it's important to stay up to date on the plans to coming out of countries like the uk canada the united states in terms of economic recovery. Because it's those countries that may set the pace for economic recovery throughout the world for the crusade channel and political fares correspondent magdalene. Rose are seeing to the day of saint narcissus. He was born toward the end of the first century. In ninety nine eighty. It was almost eighty years old when he was placed at the head of the church of jerusalem making him the thirtieth bishop of that see in ninety five. Ad he presided in a council of the bishops of palestine regarding the time easter is celebrated it was then decreed that the feast of easter is to be kept always on a sunday say narcissist passed away in two sixteen eighty at the age of one hundred seventeen. His feast day is celebrated today october. Twenty ninth more trouble for former new york city governor andrew cuomo a criminal complaint has been filed in a court in albany. Now this complaint states that the former governor sexually assaulted a woman on december seventh of two thousand twenty the crime of forcible touching punishable in new york city by up to a year in jail and up to three years probation and more bad news for the mainstream media. Cnn has set another record. Low in viewership cnn's warning broadcast is called new day on wednesday. They had only three hundred and forty four thousand viewers making it the lowest rated day of two thousand twenty one. Cnn's ratings have been dropping steadily in the last year president. Joe biden's townhall. Meeting last week was also very disappointing. Delivering almost no additional viewers to the network. Perhaps all of those former viewers are joining us here at the crusade channel which has more of the best talk radio next.

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