A highlight from Christmas In My Heart (Hallmark Channel - 2021) Feat. Alonso Duralde

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And one of the marathon to off the week. Not last week got more. Santa stakeout say sega. We've got another lifetime previous out. What a week we had a week. We got coming amid what day. It has been here in the studio with my friends at that. Greenville they push this point of already. Done the lifetime preview episode. I moved it because because we've already if we already had it we might as well okay got typically won't but in this case we will we might as well want it. We got it we to say we got it. You got it. We are the boys what a day it's been here. The is beat everybody monopoly. It was wonderful minds. Five highs and go Eaten sex with the boys. The boys is a big high number. Four okay knocking out. Our first movie of the year. Christmas season to season for those big high big ups Number three talking to our fans as they were calling in number three number two. Yeah yeah number two Just just getting a chance to play a little bit monopoly monopoly. La fun and number one. I think it's safe to say Christmas book chris. My number one is arguing about pizza. Toppings crispell that's number one what is why are half an hour you've reached the level of intimacy. That's right all screaming going of the team quick. Yeah it was. It was interweaving inter world. It was put together like a tapestry. Pizza mushrooms teen quiz. Are you calling into walker. It was a lot. It was a lot going on in that one moment. But we don't get out very often so there's a lot we had to get to. It really has been such a day so they get everybody who thinks point in time they get everybody all the hall stars who came in and talk about their. Their movies are coming out so fun doing that. Traditional like any other really is. I'm i think we're all happy to be on towards the end of it for sure. You know what we'll do that just means we've got another episode coming out soon. Let's do it again that's right. It's very exciting. No never get back on that horse because it's never ending a juice a-hole now it's late and my ears go and a bit. What did you think of Marathon obsolete better marathons a we did we did. We did a six day. Dana sixty five night. All you can eat at fifties unita crunch crab leg our the six had to yes but just one an hour so you can be yourself. Buffet could start at minute. One in the code again adding on our fifty nine could yes not true called crappy week and we did the whole week crowley to some of the things you give you one of them but that was mainly crab legs. You rig dwelled really quick before we dive into this episode. So many exciting things about this holidays. Such as a partnership with filo our partnership with the university yom's a wonderful subscription service for snacks. The holiday season they got. You covered all the amazing snacks that you will never know boxes just create so much so be sure to check them out and you could follow follow along with us homework dot com on social media and all that good stuff from Book book book is out. Now go out find the book in the wild. Take a picture posted on social media. Tag us at homework podcast. We would love to see where the book is. We don't even know no no it's popping up left and right. It was at tj's burgers and more widely as part of the most right corner. They have some books and records which is crazy. Because tj can't read tj can't read good at making burgers is good. Yeah he's like you know what people like books he could sell them could sell them absolutely he. I will say he doesn't. He doesn't know how much you're giving him at any given point so it's possible that he's taking way less money you needs to read to. You need to be able to read. He doesn't recognize numbers so well he's a businessman nor should he run anything with retail. But he makes them mean. Burger is what you're seeing some mean burden christmas and my art originally aired on october twenty third twenty twenty one a little something like this. Beth is teaching violin and her family house after her mom passed away very recently. We meet sean. Brandt's who's a famous very famous country star whose secluded his life polled his him and his daughter moved into this nice big old thing in the middle of nowhere. He loves it and he has into a music store. One day vice music For his daughter who is learning how to play the violin. And he bumps into beth who is there and says. Here's which need is you want your daughter to learn violent. I'm also doing some teaching while just let you know Should really the daughter decides to hire her but he ends up getting higher to teach to daughter and she loves beth but he's feels like they're getting too close too soon because the daughters opening up about Her mom for the first time never really done that and his daughters and so shawna's like hey. You can't do that. We can't do this and his daughters like often. I love her. And i need this and he was like okay. I'll shove off. He finally starts writing again and rights. Banger of christmas tune. And he's like. This is the one everybody and i've got. There's more where that came from to get stuck in your head. I oh but he takes the song to To beth and says hey you got to hear this song. It's like hey i'm playing to song. It's this is going to be great. She's like But that's how you really know that. They're comfortable with but he's the size you know what i'm gonna go back to nashville gonna record and i'm back ready to get back to the way that life was beth also working on a new gig is she's gonna. She's going to be not no longer teachers going to be part of the philharmonic To say that philharmonic yes philharmonic and it is the the night of the big Performance and beth is finally as she finished her performance in time to get over to see the the whole the whole thing and Shawn is there as well and katie is real nervous daughters. Really nervous in beth pulls violence. I'm gonna help. Shampoos is guitar. He's like i'm gonna help. And they strike like look each other like we hoping charged sometimes trace they on stage. They start playing together. They're they're loving it and afterwards they're together they're

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