'Sports & Entertainment News Compilation' (#4) ft. The Ball & Buds All-Stars (Ball & Buds Podcast Episode #30)



Obviously i lost but it was a huge huge matchup between me and you know. Cluber de the com- badge was able to take me out this weekend. Anti whoa. Whoa whoa kind of music. Quite let me clear my throat. He a relief. Rake and if you don't like that i'm breaking your mom's off later hold on. Oh yes i've beat you. I took you out just like your mom. Took me out and she paid. why why. Why slow down slow down. Did you say fan simple. 'cause you know cluber dis all over the place. I love fantasy football and ask some shits. I can't stand about things football sometimes. Okay i got some things to get off my chest. And i'm not talking about your mother. Yes she likes that too anyways. Now when it comes to football common sense and the knowing that it's fantasy football people need to understand that it's fantasy football all right. Don't complicate it all right commissioners. I'm a commissioner and my league. i'm in other leagues. Where people trays to equal. I asked my does day. Oh i would trade. i'm a trade receivable for receiver. Why five would you trade a receiver for receiver in the words. Jim cornet. Why are you going to put a hat on a hat. Does that make sense unless the person you're trading for you might get double points with the core back you have other than that. There is no point. There's no reason to trade or allow a train to go through four position for position. You're not gonna trade a receiver four receiver. Why would i trade for michael thomas. What i had jerry. Judy does that make sense. I have somebody say well. You know. I like to let those trade go by because you know maybe that person he's a means a new scenery just is fantasy football. It's not real. It doesn't matter if they're on another team. It's the same damn thing it's a receiver. You already have a receiver. Why trading for receiver. You know what clobbered easy little angry they. Mcconnell dowell calmed down just to stupidity. I get with this all the time. You're putting a hats on a hat another thing. Don't trade to people for one. I can't adjust my roth or to add that. Extra person that i should be getting points for trade away Points for one person that don't make sense. They need to be equal to one from one. No three people for one person. No two people for one person. What are you doing. It makes says come on people get better than add on a ahead. Jim cornets fez. Only tom put a hat on a hat. It's going in hot in your mother okay. It could be the red cafe down there. I might get humphrey who cares. So what judge away. Oh god no god please. But why people facing football. It's easy okay. If you wanna better your team better at at a different position if you already have good receivers or decent receivers you don't need a trade for another you trade for running back you train for a high quality tied in you do something of that nature. You don't trade to upgrade the same same can you know it. Let me come down. let me see. Oh this is what happens by spider cisco talking about football i need inject because the combat g. is always in a place to be and what we're talking about fancy free. Oh ask them out because she knows where i'd be would these bars. I tell you you know what i'm saying. It's the free back in the day. Me the guy to kane rockingham. You know what i'm saying. All the people your mom. Your mom listened to the freaked out with them. But that's another story here nor there. Yeah listen that's cool mother fucking barge nick. Can you know nothing but football

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