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President Biden urges Americans to take action as the world waits for more information about the risks posed by the new Alma cron COVID variant CBS News White House correspondent Steven portnoy The president says there's much to learn about a Macron How quickly it spreads how well it might get passed natural immunity or the vaccines as well as how serious the illness is caused by the new variant might become Until scientists learn more mister Biden urges Americans to get vaccinated or boosted and he repeated this advice which experts have given since the start of the pandemic Please wear your mask when you're indoors in public settings around other people Steven portnoy CBS News Washington The CDC now recommends all adults get a COVID booster shot CBS Alexander ten The agency's semantic decision to step up its booster recommendation could pave the way for some weighing whether to mandate the third shot which the administration's top doctors have said could one day be required to qualify as fully vaccinated COVID is playing a role in how workers in some states get unemployment benefits CBS is Sarah ewell Weiss explains Florida Kansas Iowa and Tennessee have all moved to change unemployment benefit rules allowing workers fired for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine to receive benefits Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO of the social media platform seen at Ian scher has more on Dorsey's second time around with the company Check Dorsey's had a long and bumpy ride as Twitter's CEO Twice in fact he up to found Twitter than he went away for a little while Then he came back after the company burned through a couple of CEOs and what he promised to bring was stability which he did Dorsey has succeeded by Twitter's current chief technology officer Barack agrawal Cyber Monday is traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year but supply chain issues could make some holiday gifts difficult to get More from CBS's Laura Podesta Retail analysts predict online shoppers will spend a record $11.3 billion but a shipping bottleneck and trucking delays are making it difficult for retailers to deliver Adobe analytics says out of stock messages in November are up a 124% from pre-pandemic levels the most common out of stock items are appliances electronics housekeeping supplies and home and garden items On Wall Street the Dow closed up 237 points Now this American Queen voyages unites

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