RB Derrius Guice to miss 2018 season with torn ACL in left knee


Redskins rookie running back Darius guys out for the season after tearing his ACL against the New England Patriots in a game on. Thursday the team announced the prognosis on. Friday following an MRI Adam Schefter on sportscenter with Kevin. Gandhi what does this injury? Mean now for gruden's. Offense it's a major. Blow having you heard the numbers. There they've been one of the worst rushing teams in the. NFL they moved onto Alex Smith and thought they found a running back to compliment him only to lose him in the first game of the preseason to a season ending torn. ACL they also lost a tight end garner for the season with a torn, ACL but guys who the major blow Last night this. Might have been the most anticipated rookie in the Washington. Area since RG three came? Onto the scene and. Now without him they're. Going to have to lean on. A combination of running backs Somare GP Ryan rob Kelley Chris. Thompson coming back from a season ending knee injury and so now we've got other running backs they're gonna have to have the prominent roles look they never really had dairy skies. And they won't have in

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