Pete Davidson gets tatoos for Ariana Grande


Wasn't that funny jack levin lemon no about a year and a half ago i noticed that it dated and go buy if you're on the internet there was a phrase that they would use and it was somebody is rocking something there'd be a picture of somebody and they go there rocking this or they're rocking mega when did this happen how did that happen well an hit about a year and a half two years ago lager go or shorter way longer ago all right it's just started bugging you that others the new one oh really every day you're on the internet somebody is shading somebody else meaning they're saying something bad or the thinking something bad right right but that like find that a year and a half ago that wasn't anywhere and now try to find it they were that doesn't it's not all over the internet so today's is cassie david this is the daughter of larry david who used to be dating pete davidson he is shading pete davidson it says here in his romance with a grenade we talked about this last week about the unlikely pairing of pete davidson and oriented grinding now here's the reason i bring it up he davidson decided even though it's a new relationship that he's going to get two tattoos one a logo that she uses during your show carrier's all the time yeah so he got a logo of that on the back of his neck that wasn't painful positive then also her initials he got i'm sorry when did they start dating to ago one week two weeks to tattoos that's how it goes i was torn between two lovers where is that where are located why are they belong well two of them i know this is the last show on the street need a break i'm just saying what would you be thinking he's thinking friend liquid on cruel he's not doing it for that he he he he no he's got a lot of problems he's got a lot of addictions depression i believe he has some digestive issues like crohn's disease or something he's not in a little bit wacky to begin with his dad died in nine eleven he was a firefighter who went into the building and he was very young at the time he's the youngest member to join snl you'd think i was president of his fan club any other yeah i mean he's just very dishonest got.

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