Bolton says U.S. could dismantle North Korean arsenal 'within a year'


Are expected to survive after being stabbed last night at a birthday party in boise idaho a number of the victims are refugees police say the suspect identified as thirty year old timmy kiner was arrested shortly after the attack in a news conference today megan shrub with the international rescue committee said the aid group is shocked and saddened by the senseless attack it is heartbreaking to know that people in children who fled horrors of war and conflict to find safety in america in the boise community had to experience this violence all over again investigators suspect kenner attack the bar birthday party because his intended targets were not home for the first time we're hearing from a white house official a timeline for denuclearizing north korea we have developed a program i'm sure that secretary of state mike pompeo will be discussing this with the north koreans in the near future about really had to dismantle all of their wmd and ballistic missile programs in a year that's national security adviser john bolton on cbs's face the nation today now on traffic and weather and the valley chevy dealers traffic center it's john charles thanks julie i ten westbound at fifty first avenue there's a crash blocking the on ramp in litchfield park we've got a wreck on camelback inn lichfield road and in tempe an accident on guadalupe and mcclintock involving a pedestrian traffic's brought to you by lows come into lowe's for july fourth savings at ten to forty dollars off select paint primer and.

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