Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith on their Marriage


Because they're going to roll right outside your head this time at for whom will smith and jada pinkett smith that's a repeat offender they really are but this time it's not jada talking which lately she's been doing a lot of talking because of her red table diaries explosion on facebook facebook series well no now it's will smith talking and he's speaking about his marriage to jada pinkett smith he's talking to titles rap radar podcast that he in jada have really moved beyond the concept of marriage yes okay so like okay so i'm just gonna paraphrase just based on that i feel like what they're telling you is that they are more married than any other couple there so married that they don't even call themselves mary mary because the rest of the world can't get on their level of marriage they don't they're so married they're not married it's this is the this is typical will and jada like they have elevated above what the rest of the world could possibly understand or more highly evolved than we are they are quoting upon their children right we don't even say we're married anymore says will smith we refer to ourselves as life partners where you get into that space where you realize you're literally with somebody for the rest of your life now now my understanding was that that was what marriage was intended to be but now jada and will want you know no the that this feeling is beyond marriage yeah you know again they they just have a way of like what they're saying like awesome there are a lot of people who expect to be in their marriage forever but they're unlike they're not unlike anybody else if something came along there might be a line at which they feel is a breaker now i'm gonna read the rest of what will smith said on the topic of dealbreakers bradley there's no dealbreakers there's nothing she could do ever nothing that would break our relationship she has my support till death and it feels so good to get in that space okay well you know.

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