How Spain became the new centre of Europe's migrant crisis


Keith, Walker in, Bonn Germany you're listening to inside Europe and Spain there's. Been a recent upsurge in the number of migrants traveling to the country across the Mediterranean this increase partly due to. The KOMO weather during the summer months but also because it's been a clampdown on the, road between Libya and Italy and that sends migrants elsewhere as they seek a new. Way into Europe guy hedge, co Madrid reports on Spain's efforts to deal with the phenomenon the. Spanish government has said it will implement an emergency plan to deal with. The influx of migrants to the country migration minister Magdalena Vallario said the. Socialist administration will spend thirty million euros on the plan which includes opening a. New migrants stay center in cheek Lahaina on Spain's southern coast by the end of July just under. Twenty seven thousand migrants had reached SP Pain so far this year most of them crossing. The Mediterranean Sea in boats from Rocco this means that Spain has overtaken Italy and Greece is the most frequent arrival. Country for migrants travelling to Europe many migrants are also reaching Spanish territory by land on, July the twenty six six hundred sub Saharan Africans managed to get over or through. The fence separating Morocco from the Spanish city of sale data in North Africa In some areas along Spain's southern coast charities and local authorities have struggled to manage the recent increase in numbers but Spanish foreign minister Jace body'll? Has warned against exaggerating the scale of the migrant issue public the. Guy who said that Moore is, the thing that impacts public opinion or worries people is the disorderly sudden nature of this immigration the massive nature of it although six, hundred, people, is not, a massive number by no, means is it the case that we. Cannot manage these numbers, and are public institutions are managing them by using all the resources available Al also said that, Spain has requested. Help from the European Union the president of the European Commission John Claude Juncker, his told Spain that fifty five million euros will be spent on managing, migration and improving border controls in North Africa guy co DWI Madrid I'm Keith Walker in Bonn Germany, this, is, inside Europe.

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