Benjamin: I was limited by Panthers, Newton


Player is making news, off the field however as wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin has spoken out about his time with. The Carolina Panthers Benjamin says that he would have rather not been drafted by Carolina at all. And wishes he went to a place with quote any other accurate quarterback on quote the Panthers picked up Benjamin's fifth year option prior, to last season before trading him to buffalo during the, season Benjamin's comments come just, four, days before the bills are set to make. Their preseason. Debut at home versus those same. Carolina Panthers that game will be. Thursday at seven o'clock and you can hear wall-to-wall coverage right here on WGN in other NFL news the hall. Of fame held their annual enshrinement ceremony last night with. Names like Ray Lewis Randy moss Terrell Owens Brian Dawkins. And. Brian Urlacher going into the hall all inductees were president aside from Terrell Owens who held a separate ceremony at his alma mater to baseball where last night the Red Sox defeated the. Yankees four to one with, newly-acquired Nathan evolving getting the, win the Indians defeated the angels three, nothing in the Blue Jays, beat the Mariners Five to one the nationals and reds also split a doubleheader yesterday. And we'll meet again today also playing, today the angels will take on the Indians at one ten and the Braves will also take on the Mets at one ten. The Blue Jays. Will be taking on the Mariners at four ten and the Red Sox and Yankees will meet once again at eight o'clock PM and you can hear that one right here. On WGN with coverage beginning at seven o'clock the bison. Split a double header, yesterday with the Scranton wilkes-barre rail riders me to take the final game of that.

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