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If you want more of the, show during the week that is the only way to get it to that quantity it's. Just under seven hours or so of content delivered on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and then in. Addition to that you get this show every hour on the hour on during the show he, gets posted so you get that also follow us on Twitter at Jesus show Jesus show Vince welcome to the Jesus Christ show Jesus I Vince what's on your mind I've been. Very lucky in my life I've had two. Beautiful children I was raised Catholic I have a Muslim wife and I. Have two children that are. In a Jewish preschool Wow you're like the colors of Benetton but with religion Right And you know where I stand on religion is that I don't really believe in any of it, personally, I I'm an atheist But I gotta tell you that a lot of good things have happened in my life I've been a, lot, about some downs And, I help people I'm a dentist I, help the underprivileged I a big brother I do a lot of good things and I. I try to do that every day And some some of that gets returned. To me some. Not but I really. Don't care whether it. Does or doesn't and as a result a lot, of good things have happened to me But I am an atheist and You. Know I'm just curious to to I just wonder what we're. Jesus or, God stands on that I mean if you know what has to happen, to me after I pass away somebody who basically is a good person who tries to do good things in general and tries to be. Make other people better around them What's. Your position, on that well Vince the the questions interesting and slightly odd because you, don't believe so why would you be concerned about an afterlife you don't believe in a God I'm assuming you don't believe in an afterlife No I don't believe in an afterlife either okay I believe that we. We we assume beings have, limitations of our five senses and we can't possibly know what's go beyond the atmosphere and beyond this. The. The stars that shouldn't recognize there probably are things? Larger or infinitely larger or? Smaller, than us but we as human beings don't have enough courage to to. Say that what we don't know to admit? What we don't know so so. Are you fearful that you might be wrong Not in not in the least okay Then, the answer any answer give his. Moot It means nothing. My answer means nothing your question means nothing if you don't believe, there's a cliff and you're, driving towards it The honest reaction and response is that you'll die regard regardless of your belief but it made me. Nothing to me but it may mean a lot to someone who doesn't matter doesn't. For the question. Is to see what we're. Jesus stands on. A person like me. And there has to. Be an answer there I don't know and you don't know me It's that simple it's like asking we'll, how does a stranger feel about you now there's a creation connection and that's it you choose not to know you choose to to be an artist without God and if you believe that then. You live that. Way and living that way If the creator created me then he must have a connection with. Me even though I don't, have a connection with him indeed there is a Created, a son but he never met his son before but there is there's a base connection absolutely. Scripture, talks about that So that's why God loves everyone. Must no answer for what Jesus there's no relationship born a person like me there has to be some type. Doesn't matter it doesn't matter because you. Don't believe it does not, interact with you or intersect with you in any way if you don't believe it means nothing. If it's like someone saying, I wanna know what you want me, to do here even though I'm not, gonna do it if you ask a, question if you put it in that. Light. There is no answer Now if you called and you asked me and he. Said listen I'm wavering and I'm not. Sure and I wanna know, what there is on the other side of it then, I tell you but there's no reason. For me to tell you, about the consequence of something that you, don't believe is consequential Jesus Christ will return in a moment Part, of the. Show call eight seven seven holy host And when it breaks and Julie Slater live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom heatwave is on the way the hottest days will be tomorrow and Tuesday temps are expected to rise above triple digits in several valley locations. Prompting an, excessive heat, warning from the national weather service after that it'll cool but not much temps will stay in the ninety s route the week across much of so Cal Orange County Fire authority officials are warning people who live near where, urban areas meet wild lands to. Be ready to evacuate should brushfires breakout near their homes a su-, NAMI warning has been lifted after a magnitude, seven point zero earthquake hit the Indonesian island. Of Bali at least three people have been killed model. Chrissy Teigen, is vacationing on the island with her husband John legend she tweeted that it was a massive earthquake that went on for fifteen seconds last week in earthquake in the same area killed seventeen people gun. Control activists have protested at the NRA headquarters in Virginia yesterday's national March on the NRA is part of, the, March, for our Our lives movement advocating. For tougher gun laws red versus blue. Issue or a mental health versus gun probably regardless of where you stand this is a health price in which our response is long overdue dozens of people showed up to the NRA headquarters where they held up signs against the NRA and saying an altered version of America the beautiful the students who survived the deadly Marjory stoneman Douglas high. School shooting, in Portland, and parkland Florida back in February organized the movement and protests and Chucky traffic from your healthcare Honda traffic center crash in mid city on the ten he spent side right before you get to LA brea or the right, lanes are still blocked here watch. For some pretty heavily starting right around Fairfax also got some roadwork, if you're making the ride into Hawthorn eastbound, side between the four or five and hopper. Boulevard or the two right lanes are coned off and. Some roadwork, in Woodland Hills stretch northbound one to one from Canoga to canyon with leanest gummed up until about two this afternoon KFI in the sky helps get either faster time Jalen so Cal weather from KFI. Sunny highs I've said this before we both said this many times before There's no triple digits in, the valleys in the i. e. tonight mostly clear lows, in the mid sixty s to. Around seventy we will get super warm tomorrow tents will be in, the eighties to mid nineties along the coast over a hundred degrees in the valleys of seeing the I e the temps drop a. Little Wednesday and throughout the week we lead local from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom I'm Julius later Chris little here, our suicide an opioid crisis is the worst in US history hear me speak with Tyler Norris CEO of providence Saint..

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