Kanye West canceled a 'Carpool Karaoke' appearance, costing James Corden's 'The Late Late Show' $45G


Carp, cool carpool karaoke What is drama, well there's a couple of things James corden, on the late late show on CBS has. Been, trying to do one of these carpool karaoke with Kanye west for, quite a while I think so he can say Kanye carpool karaoke which is a tough to say one time. But Kanye has cancelled on him three. Times now according. To corden and the cost of the most recent cancellation forty five thousand dollars. Because, they got outfit. The cars and the people the employee's. Exactly. For that The other drama with that is that they were about to do they did do a carpool karaoke with Ariana GRANDE and. They finished and Ariana Anna Grandi put on Instagram, shortly after that picture of her hand bandaged, up call like a bloody old gauzed up. Hand she didn't say exactly what happened but she said you'll see when, the carpool karaoke goes on the air with her something happened where she injured her hand and Hi high notes she said that it was just something. So stupid and James corden says. It was the, most fun carpool karaoke that they've ever done I do like that segment and if our economy just say no Rolled their fingers up in the window I've seen our kids. Do that so that's? What. I'm guessing. Are they punch

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