Christopher Collins, Rick Gates and Paul Ryan discussed on 24 Hour News


The district. Attorney for the southern district of New York announcing charges an insider trading and lying to the FBI against a. US lawmaker from New. York criminal charges against Christopher Collins a United. States, congressman DA Jeffrey Berman says Collins served on the board of directors of an Australian biotech company innate and tipped his son. And the father. Of his son's, fiancee off when he found out that their hallmark immunotherapy. Drug was a failure when interviewed by the FBI call Collins deny telling them to sell right before the stocks tanked house speaker Paul Ryan says he's removing. Collins from, the house energy and, commerce committee he's also prodding his chambers ethics panel to pursue a prompt and, thorough investigation of the lawmaker Ryan calls insider trading to clear violation of the public trust he. Says he's moving against Collins even though a court will decide whether the. Lawmaker is. Guilty of the allegations the house ethics committee said last August that it was investigating

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