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The original touring van for Aerosmith Like before anybody knew them they're playing like bars. And clubs and the van the. Van, I actually just came across this story and saw a picture of the van I haven't even seen the. Picture yeah I've no. Idea what kind of car is it. Looked like, the Jeff speak, holy van from, fast times eight looks very odd it's got, a very large like slanted grill cartoon early seventies baby but. It's, got it's got Aerosmith. Graphic on the side does and it's all rotted out if is a piece of junk well they're gonna redo it so here's what they, paid, for twenty five grand once they could have indicated because there, was some question some guy with a Barnes a yeah There has. Been, there like yeah here's. Been a bunch to raccoon sitting in for three months so a founding member of the band Ray Bano who's actually written some songs wherever, Smith They call him out they say hey can you come out. And take a look at this thing he shows up and he goes Yup that's it I remember it well has many times in the. Back of that van so, they buy it for twenty five grand they think they're, going to be able to. Flip this? For several hundred. Thousand dollars it's should unless it well unless. They donated to like the, rock hall of fame they don't pay for. Stuff do they I don't know I don't know how the whole. Thing, works I own halls. Of fame, Steven, Tyler ship buy it and roll around he's in south Florida? In nineteen sixty four international harvester, metro, van yeah It's weird looking, literally looks like something out of like a. Like what's the what's the cartoon bunny not Bugs Bunny the Roger. Rat Well can you, imagine the? Drugs that were in? This van you could probably smoke Contact I tell you So. Look for that. Episode I don't. Know I'm into. It I love it I can't.

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