The Human Element of Banned From Baseball


It's episode sixty of the jam and the queen's crown. And for this edition, this podcast finds himself in downtown Dayton, Ohio at the law theater to interview director, Margaret Perry and actor Brian Dykstra of the play banned from baseball. The story on Pete Rose's permanent ban premiering to the world on September six also in episode sixty. We'll give you the week to scores of high school football in the local Syndey sports area. Welcome to the gem on the queen's crown. The local Syndey sports podcast. In this weekly podcast, Lee w Mao and brings a sports world of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio to you. The listener visit the Lee w Maui dot com spelled t. h. e. l. e. w. m. o. w. e. n. to subscribe on your favorite podcasts platform and the links to follow along on social media. Music is provided by free stock music dot com. Ed now for the latest edition and everything, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio sports. He Li w Mao in. Anna pleasant new week to one and all. Hopefully your Labor Day weekend was a okay as now it's time to bring you football scores from southwest Ohio, and guess what college football just started. So we got a couple of scores packed in, but first high school scores, we'll start with a non Friday scores as alter rebounds from their week. One loss to Fairmont by defeating Thurgood Marshall fifty one. The six and a close game. Sydney edges. Bell fountain thirty one twenty eight and a ballast, Cincinnati, and Dayton Hughes comes out on top against Ponant tech, eight to six now for your Friday games. And if you follow me on Twitter, that's at the Lee w Malan you notice that I never got around to listing the high school football scores for week two. Well, some of these got postponed to Saturday. Some of them Saturday morning take one got pushed to Saturday night and I never got around to it. So I'm sorry if you look forward to that on my Twitter feed. So I up for Friday games on week to Preval. Schone travels to west Alex to defeat the Panthers twin valley south thirty, two fifteen fort recovery edges valley view at home twenty seven to twenty three sent Henry wins sixty two nil over eating in the eagles Edgewood with a twenty eight to nine win over Franklin. Tri county north picks up there. I one of the years the Panthers beat the end Sonia Tigers thirty four twenty one Milton union with a fourteen to six decision over oakwood. Try village with a twenty-seven nineteen win patriots. Defeat the Dixie greyhounds mill town. Nassan Forty-six reading zero. Miami's Berg to ano on the year Vikings twenty four Oland Tain-jy fourteen national trail to know as well as the blazers defeat our Canham. And the Trojan six to three the golden eagles Abell Brooke with a forty two to nil decision against Fairburn Skyhawks weighing with a forty two to six win against the Christians of faith academy in Columbus don't as the iron ironman on the gridiron north mob with a twenty four to twenty one win over Fairmont Kenton ridge forty four Carlisle's zero Lakota west twenty and Centerville fourteen the elks are Owen due to start off twenty eighteen Lebanon fifteen Loveland thirteen. A close battle down south towards Cincinnati. Cold water welcomes in Clinton Massie and the Cavaliers get thirty one to twenty eight win at home against the falcons minster Thirty-nine Covington twenty-six. Troy Trojans. Twenty-one. Xenia buccaneers fourteen pick one wins twenty six six against Lima senior fort Laramie with a forty five twenty nine decision over Madeira Benjamin Logan edges, west liberty, Salem, thirty two twenty nine. Bethel with a forty one to seven win over Dayton Christian Troy Christian takes it to Bradford forty two nil. Anna forty-eight Brookville twenty-seven. Carol defeats beaver creek twenty five twenty four Kevin with a forty nine thirteen win over saliva for sales, forty-seven deaf Jefferson, fourteen and Lima central Catholic twenty deaf of Saint. John's ten Miami east fifty two Lehman Catholic Twenty-one.

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