Trump tweets at Jeff Sessions to shut down Russia probe


Temperature at furnace creek in death valley was one hundred eight point one degrees that beat. Last July's record of one point One one hundred seven. Point four death valley holds. The worst record for the highest temperature, ever recorded in the United States this. Is the world record one hundred thirty four degrees set back on July tenth nineteen thirteen President Trump tweeted. Today imploring attorney general Jeff. Sessions to end. Special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation here CBS news correspondent major Garrett, White. House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump wants to special counsel investigation to end because it's corrupt the president is not obstructing he's fighting back the president. Is stating his opinions of those tweets account as interference sir the president ignored questions about a series. Of tweets that suggested a new level. Of anxiety about Robert Muller's probe into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election this is a terrible situation and attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop this. Rigged witch hunt right now Mr. Trump wrote Muller is totally conflicted I have recused myself and the matters that deal with the Trump campaign because of. That March twenty seventeen decision sessions can take no action deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, has. Overseen Muller's probe which began over a year ago but the president does have the, executive authority to shut down an investigation, he believes is illegitimate if he believes that. Why doesn't he follow through on once again the president has allowed this process. To play out but he. Thinks it's time for it to come to an, end one roadblock a presidential. Interview negotiations over the scope, of any, questioning of. Mr. Trump have dragged on for months they sent us a proposal we responded to. Their proposal they took about. Ten days and. Yesterday we got a letter back from them and now we're in, the. Process of responding to the Trump team wants to keep obstruction of Justice out of the conversation if there ever is one the mother team again reiterating obstruction. Of Justice has to be on the table the going back and forth but the likelihood of an. Interview between the president and Robert Muller's. Team very very unlikely major Garrett KCBS news time eleven thirty seven.

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