The FDA Issued a Warning Against Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures


I gotta admit that crowd does sound kind of rapid All right everyone calm down calm down we'll throw a. Kosta, out but what would you have to do with him All right let's let's not get crazy here When. You hear. The tone turn the record over Hey hungry well how about a nice giant heaping a first-class democratically-elected dumb of such epic proportions of Mike trigger. Your gag reflex on Capitol Hill Tuesday ice official Matthew albums had to explain to Senator maisy Geraldo of Hawaii that illegal. Immigrants break the law when crossing the border seriously Mr. albums was explaining to Senator brain dead that those detention facilities are. There, because they are in fact by definition criminals yeah but. Poor old Mr. Rono just couldn't make the connection these. Individuals are there because they have. Broken a law there. Has to be a process they have broken alone let, me as teams so by the president with his they're there for violation. Of. Title of the immigration of US nationality, act okay there eighteen thirteen. Twenty-five that's illegal entries both criminal and civil violation they are in those. FRC's pending the outcome of that civil immigration process Yes they have broken the law. Well these are mainly. My my understanding is that under zero-tolerance these are no, longer civil civil proceedings but in fact we're coming up proceedings criminal proceedings. When. The border patrol prosecuted them what at, the conclusion of that process. Once an individual came into ice custody they would go through administrative proceedings Well look God bless. Mr. Rono for at least fessing. EPA, something that most Democrats are. Afraid, to admit I'm confused I gotta tell you there was a time when I was naive enough. To believe that, we could shake liberals, out of their stupor and get them to, come around by engaging in a calm. Respectful dialog using facts and basic logic, let me tell you something folks You can't fix stupid. And finely, for, you ladies out, there a very important medical alert you know that whole vaginal rejuvenation procedure that all the. Stars in Hollywood. Or having doctors perform don't. Do, it, the FDA issued a severe warning on Monday that, the laser devices used by doctors to destroy. Tissue during. The operation have not been approved for this Pacific type of procedure Americans are we really this dumb I mean look I'm no genius but even I could have told you it's a bad idea, to, spot weld your privates I'm Brian. Baker I'm confused a great day Jim Acosta, exactly, what is his, plan I'm Tony cats great to be with you eight three three four six eight eight. Six six nine. Because Jimi Kosta thinks that He's the. One being abused you heard. There that it was the Trump rally in Tampa and people are screaming and yelling Jim Acosta. Angry with Jim kosten Jim. Acosta he seems truly confused truly lost at the idea that, anybody would be upset with him Stunned these maverick he put out on Twitter this is true this this. Is Jim Acosta CNN one of the surprising things, I heard tonight in Tampa is Trump's supporters. Saying I. Should be on their team anybody remember when we were on the same team I do Who exactly is he talking to, right there What is he talking about when? He's talking about all? On the same team what was that exactly You mean we're all on the same team when we wanted to report on. The election of two thousand sixteen and journalists weren't taking sides proactively for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump they weren't. Proactively stating that they were giving up their journalistic integrity to ensure Donald Trump? Didn't win the election Who is he talking to How in the world? View come to this place anybody remember when we, were on. The same team I do Well this led, to a A piece that is in the, Washington Times by Larry, O'Connor Larry, O'Connor's a friend Larry O'Connor's. A fellow radio host. You, you catch him on On. Radio there in DC And he wrote magilla constant CNN don't understand about the angry crowds at Trump rallies And what he says is that Jim Acosta is saying that I'm very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media. Will result in somebody getting hurt we. Should not treat our fellow Americans this way. The press is not the enemy that line, has got, the press very upset the president enemy, of. The people fake news conversations etc I. Have discussed this in on many different occasions. And and I continually remind people that the, press is not simply a victimized observer in this, case They are the ones. Who made this happen when you. Were willing proactively to speak out against President Trump didn't matter what it was and not fully look at Hillary Clinton you have culpability. In this situation And it. Is a situation I, won't say now is the press the enemy the people know are there. Members. Of the press who? Are, willing to. Lie repeatedly to move, forward their agenda they've given up journalistic integrity they're actually not journalists get somehow want the respect and somehow this do privilege of the reporter absolutely should they get it no it shouldn't but to. This point Larry O'Connor writes that what Mr. consta- doesn't understand is that. The, anger and hostility and loathing he sees on the faces of Trump supporters in his video, is a, reflection of the same hostility they see on. The faces, of anchors reporters and. Analysts on his network now there's no doubt? That people look at CNN and they look. At MSNBC and they say my God these people are are are nasty and vicious and mean and crude an awful why do they treat us like this one and they talk to us like this with it's this constant. Talking down to it's disgusting and It's awful They don't want to be treated, like this how many Americans voted the way they voted because they were sick and tired of being. Called racist they woke up. Every morning they went to work. Every day they took care of their families and they paid, their taxes why they're also racists. And bigots You couldn't least cut him a, break couldn't give them some slack But I don't think. Larry O'Connor has it right Larry O'Connor's break He's a friend, as I said it is not that Jim Acosta doesn't understand about the anger. And the hostility it's that he does not accept that you have the right to have any. Anger or stability you see everything would be better if you would just. Listen to him everything would be better if you're, on his team everything would be better if you would just listening, because after all, he's the press. He's the media he. Knows what's right The issue, the fundamental issue. With elitism is not It has no dollar amount to. It you agree Richard bore and be an elitist you'll. Be a man or woman and be an elitist the issue with elitism. Is that they believe they know better than you. And the. Problem is you didn't listen to them Everything. In America better if you just listened. Everything would be better if you just do. What I say this is exactly what Barack Obama was. Beginning to end Jim Acosta's the same way why are these people so. Mad at me I'm just trying to save them The issue is. Not that he doesn't understand the issue is? That he believes you don't understand That's Jim Acosta me I'm Tony cats PC mobile news. On the. Level of the Mine. Kirk darling here's what's. Trending at twelve thirty it's day to Paul manafort's trial President Trump is, talking about, his former lawyer. On Twitter FOX's John decker the president writing he. Worked for me for a very short time why. Didn't government tell me he was under investigation these charges. Have nothing to do with collusion a hoax he wrote prosecutors alleged Manafort deliberately hid millions of dollars from the IRS in order to indulge. His taste, for luxury. At the White House Jon decker Fox News the remains of. What are believed to be more than fifty American MIA's from the Korean war are bound for Hawaii today likely to be American remains They are quite a lot in fact we're the largest Drivers we've ever, received defense MIA accounting specialist John bird I'm curt darling the level on the go.

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