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Nineteen and around the globe Bloomberg business app and bloombergradio dot com this, is Bloomberg daybreak morning at six thirty, on Wall Street I'm Nathan Hager and I'm, Karen Moskow we are just, about three hours away from the opening of. US trading let's get you, up to date. On the news you need to know at this hour fresh round of trade war. Fears has sending stock markets lower across the world the hardest hit Asia stocks in China and Hong Kong, fell more than two percent Turkey's lira tumbled past five per dollar to a, record low government, bonds and stocks also slumped after the US imposed unprecedented sanctions on Turkey, it's the Bank of England, stern following the fence, decision to stand Pat but unlike the central Bank economists are forecasting. The b. o.. EA, will raise As rates a, quarter of a point on the earnings front. Dow DuPont. Cigna, Aetna and. CBS. Lead four dozen companies in the. S. and, p. five hundred reporting results today. We get a CBS preview from Bloomberg's Jeff, Bellinger CBS started the year on a strong footing and Bloomberg intelligence says. The network likely build on that momentum in the second quarter. The networks earnings call could be especially. Newsworthy Fox News has reported that embattled CEO les Moonves plans to speak. On the call the CBS board this week decided. An outside council should look into charges, of sexual misconduct by moon Bess Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg daybreak Jeff thank you tesla. Shares are up more than eight and a half percent in early trading the electric car maker burning through less cash than analysts expected last, quarter in Europe BMW is down more, than two percent Chinese consumers held back buying, cars in the second quarter, is the German automaker finds itself in the. Crosshairs of a u. s., China trade spat. Shares in Barclays were initially high higher after reporting earnings should there now down one percent the bank beat on most key metrics including trading revenue french banks societa generale also beat earnings estimates but the stock is down two percent after posting a four percent decline in revenue from stock trading and prime services six thirty two on wall street time for the volatility index report the vix rose yesterday to close at thirteen fifteen separately in today's extended morning trading the vix is currently at fourteen thirty eight and that is this morning's volatility report and we are hearing from aetna this morning it reported a second quarter operating profit that beat analysts estimates revenue operating revenue looks like it just missed futures this morning are moving lower s and p futures are down eighteen points dow futures down one hundred seventy five nasdaq futures down at fifty five the dax in germany is down one point seven percent ten year treasury up seven thirty seconds yield two point nine eight percent yield on the two year two point six Six percent and nine x crude oil is down nine. Tenths percent or fifty nine cents. To sixty, seven seven a barrel the euro dollar sixteen fifteen straight ahead we. Have the latest world and national news and this is Bloomberg Darren.

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