U.S. indicts Ukrainian hackers who stole millions of credit, debit card numbers


McClay here's our. Top story three Ukrainian nationals are in custody for their alleged role in the hacking, campaign that stole personal information from customers of popular chain, restaurants so Ukrainian nationals were positioned in different countries working for the cybercrime. Group fin seven which targeted the computers. Have US businesses in the restaurant gaming and hospitality industries to, steal, fifteen, million customer credit. And debit cards this is good old fashioned organized crime the FBI's j. tab said the, hackers successfully, penetrated arby's, Chipotle red. Robin and other chains quit records. Said fin seven recruited the hackers by pretending to, be a, legitimate cybersecurity company Aaron Katersky ABC news New York it's a stunning number last year one thousand people died. In crashes on Arizona's roadways. Eight aunts Doug pacey says most of these debts were, preventable because driver behavior is behind ninety percent of the crashes people choose to drive, impaired they choose to speed. Or Drive recklessly they choose to drive distracted they, choose to not wear seat belt these are the major factors in crash. Bay this is the third straight year. That there is on a traffic deaths rose unbuckled drivers and, passengers, make, up almost a quarter of all traffic fatalities we're now hearing what it sounded like on board that arrow, Mexico flight, that crashed, on Jake. Off and Durango Mexico yesterday ABC's. Alec.

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