Possible additional US tariffs on Chinese goods, China counters with tariffs on US products


Clouds and, sun, with. A shower or thunderstorm around this afternoon it'll be warm and humid with a high of eighty seven cloudy and muggy tonight with some rain mainly late at night low seventy two tomorrow, cloudy and humid with periods, of rain high Eighty-one with your AccuWeather forecast I'm. Heather zehr on NewsRadio eight ten and one three one WG y. Eighty four and we have some sunshine currently at NewsRadio eight ten. In one two three one WG why our top story is situation developing in Albany police department says it's on the, scene of a partial building collapse at six e commerce square Broadway from division street to quay street are. Closed to traffic. And surrounding streets are also closed drivers and pedestrians are being told to stay away from that area according to. The times union the building is? One of three former, factory buildings at. That, location, and they do say that building is vacant so again Situation in. Albany police department says it's on the scene of a partial building collapse at. Six e commerce square Broadway from division street quay all close to traffic President Trump may be ready, to increase tariffs on, Chinese goods coming into the US FOX's gel NATO has more, from Washington DC the White House. Is talking about imposing new tariffs, on about two hundred billion dollars worth of goods imported from China into the US but they have been considering a, ten, percent tariff now US Trade Representative Robert lighthizer saying the administration's looking at a twenty five percent tariff on those goods that would. Be on top of the tariffs already imposed on fifty billion dollars worth of Chinese goods already China's been slapping tariffs on American products in response and officials there are saying they're ready to retaliate. Against the US even more, in Washington chill NATO Fox News over one million ram pickup trucks. Are being recalled due to a problem with. The town L. gate lock Fiat. Chrysler officials say an internal part of the power activated latch could break and allow the tailgate to unlatch. They affected models were built between twenty fifteen and twenty. Seventeen. Trucks with a manual. Lock on the tailgate or not part of the recall owners are being advised to lock. All cargo down that they put in. The bed of the pickup until their vehicle is repaired fatal accident overnight in Schenectady police say a, forty year old man was killed, this morning when he was struck by tractor trailer. While walking near the, corner of State Street and Washington avenue near Schenectady county community college the victim was taken Ellis hospital but died of his injuries a short time later alcohol and or speed or not. Considered. To be factors in that accident former White House spokesperson Sean. Spicer is coming to Saratoga springs he'll be signing copies of his new book, the briefing, politics the press and the president at nor shar books on August fifteenth according to the store websites Spicer will just be autographing books and won't be holding, a formal discussion Seattle Seahawks linebacker Joshua Perry is retiring at age twenty four because of concussions. He tells NBC's today show he loved playing football since he was nine years old walking away from such a long. Chapter and a journey. Of my wife transitions tough but the hard part was getting over that the easy part was understanding that my health and my. Well being is more important, than, just playing the game he announced his retirement after he was recently diagnosed with his sixth concussion ferry also says he thinks the NFL is doing a good job of handling player safety, WGN news time is twelve oh, five our next news update, at twelve thirty.

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