Chicago Cubs acquire lefty Cole Hamels in trade with Texas Rangers


Way at the end. Of the month and today teams got a little, deeper question is did they get better in the? Starting rotation tonight Cole hamels was acquired by the Chicago Cubs from the Texas Rangers couple of low level minor leaguers going from Chicago. To the Rangers Texas is sending a bunch of cash along with Cole hamels to Chicago Hamill said that long contract with the big contract fat contract with the. Rangers for now he's got to finish finish it out what the Chicago Cubs earlier. In the day The New York, Yankees acquired j, hap- from the Toronto Blue Jays so they're starting rotation got deeper Brandon jury went, to Toronto in return. Remember yesterday Nathan balding started was acquired by the Red Sox Boston did, lose tonight. To two one at home to, the Minnesota. Twins Yankees beat the Kansas. City Royals two however Aaron judge got hit in the rich. Early in the game left the game he was, examined at the ballpark but no conclusiveness was decided? So he was taken to the hospital for Rex race meanwhile in Atlanta avocado with all the left field well on its way and. It's gone Manny Machado with his first home run as a dodger first pitch of the sixth-inning no doubt about it the dodgers take a three lead Charley Steiner. AM five seventy LA sports eight series your final dodgers role right.

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