Feds say 711 immigrant children can't be reunited with parents ahead of deadline


To reunite all eligible families separated by the US Mexico border by tonight's court ordered deadline ABC news, chief national correspondent Tom Llamas has the latest. A federal government saying more than seven hundred children are ineligible for reunification. Because, of. An issue with their parents including hundreds of cases where the parents are. No longer even in this country the government will now have to work and try to. Figure out how when if they'll be, able, to get those families back together West Nile is back in Boulder County. Boulder, County public health says the, virus has shown, up in mosquitos in. Erie Lewisville in Longmont because we've had so much rain and then followed by, hot weather any standing pools are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes China with. Boulder County she says homeowners are encouraged to drain water. From planners tires kiddie pools and the light people should also use deet and wear long sleeves and pants particularly at dusk and dawn Colorado Rockies off. Tonight they. Opened up a three game set a Coors field tomorrow night against. The Oakland a.'s our coverage Starts at six first..

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