Kyle Lowry does not comment on DeMar DeRozan trade by Toronto Raptors

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Town or sitting on your couch, swiping left and right on your tender, looking for someone to Netflix and chill. We like to play a little, not necessarily. We're gonna start with Kyle Lowry who is out in Vegas for USA basketball, and we haven't really heard much from Kyle about everything that's gone down with the raptors about his buddy Dhamar to and getting traded about the arrival of quite Leonard. Danny green. And there was an interesting exchange today. Here's sports nets, Tim, and sid asking him about qui- the reporter. Do you have a relationship with Kawhi Lowery. No, I know him. We have mutual respect reporter. Have you spoken to him since the deal Lowery? Probably, yeah, I think so. I don't know reporter to Kawai Lowry. I dunno reporter you don't know if you've spoken to by Lowry. No reporter. What do you mean Lowry? I don't know if I've spoken to him reporter. Are you not sure? Do you not remember. Lowery. I'm not sure he's not here. So I, I haven't spoken to him reporter on the phone. I mean, Lowry. I haven't spoken to him. No reporter iovine spoken to him Lowry. No. And then later what he was asked, if people might read into his silence and assume he's not happy about the trade he was asked, that'd be an accurate assessment. He said USA basketball has been fun. Good one. So Nick, I ask you, are you okay with Kyle Lowry's weird responses. This one is very easy for me. I says, I'll will. Lowrey lost his best friend in in this deal. He didn't. It didn't die, but somebody lost his bed in in really quickly for context. I did a whole story on this at the beginning here, Lowry into Rosen, took Uber's back and forth from shootarounds that the raptors had on the road. Just those two always. They were always together on the road hanging out their family's very close. I am sure this whole trade has crushed, Kyle Lowry in the moment. Can the raptors be better? Certainly, but I have no issue with him wanting no part in in discussing this calories. Always very good with the media. He's a personable guy, but he does not want to get into losing his best friend from a professional standpoint in dealing with lettered who doesn't sound like many people are close to on either one of his new team, the raptors or his old team, the Spurs. I'm gonna have to agree with you and one up unit because I'm going to. Yeah, man. It's just too soon for people to keep asking everyone to move on. Oh, Dhamar just be ready to move onto his new team. Yeah, he will be given the minute. He dedicated everything to this team. He thought he was going to be there forever. Yeah, it's a business but give them some time and same with Lowry. I mean, if you want to try to figure out what his silence means, he's not being that silent. Check his Instagram as he's posting videos with his buddy to Marta, Rosen is reunited at USA basketball, then pulling up to mini camp together that he's telling us all we need to know. And I liked the loyalty and listen. They're going to be enemies when they hit the court come time for for the season to start. I'm sure he's going to be a good dude to collide, and he's going to try to make a relationship there, but you need time. So I do not blame him one bit moving on according to the eater website, there will be a new food show featuring Gordon Ramsay and of. With the departure of Anthony bourdain. We're all looking for something to fill that hole of other cultures and other other places, other foods and other other communities. And well, Gordon Ramsay is here to fill that hole except unfortunately, instead of doing the things that Anthony bourdain did to connect everybody around the world and to pay on edge to the cultures and the foods of other places and help us to get to know those people and those foods better Gordon Ramsay uncharted which is set to be on the National Geographic channel next year is going to have him take in the traditional food ways attempt to go about discovering the undiscovered and finally engage in a kitchen competition against the locals pitting his own interpretations of regional dishes against the tried and true classics. So he's set to walk up to someone's a boiler and tell her, no, I can do this better..

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