Charlamagne tha God's Legal Team Responds to Resurfaced Rape Allegations


Yes charlemagne the god do you know him some new york host he's being he's a dj right here to guess he's accused of i guess some sort of sexual assault he's saying i never sexually assaulted anybody but he cooperated with the investigation took a dna tests it did not produce any evidence he had sexual contact with seventeen years ago yeah but he was very determined the only reason why i like this is this guy's actually gonna fight it i may not like him as a person things d bag the whole breakfast club i i could do without you down with the name charlemagne the god right that's another therapy right l please do you just trying to get me mad finally conroe texas twenty five year old mother has been sentenced to prison for forty years after pleading guilty to trying to sell her toddler daughter sex forty years mother of the.

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