Oregon ranchers pardoned by Trump arrive home



The dave ramsey show weekdays at noon on the talk of connecticut w drc this is fox on justice in two thousand fifteen father son pair of oregon ranchers were each sentenced to five years in prison hope to see in five years dwight hammond and his son steven were convicted of deliberately setting fires in an oregon wildlife refuge allegedly to cover up evidence of poaching seems like a bit of an overkill the case sparked weeks of angry and violent protests i think it was all actually ingest from from start to finish supporters of cliven bundy sovereign citizens movement clashed with locals it's sort of frightening when there's people making threats and people touting on afraid but now president trump has pardoned dwight and stephen hammond the whitehouse calling the prison sentences unjust wildlife activists that the pardon sends a bad message but oregon republican congressman greg walden calls it a win for justice with fox on justice hank weinbloom fox news fox onset this week apple's app store turns ten years old launched on july tenth two thousand eight with just five hundred apps available it grew to fifty thousand after just a year and ten years.

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