Miami Marlins fans invited to bring noisemakers next season


Okay. So the Marlins we know they don't have, a, lot. Of, fans they got to the teen Derek jeeter yada yada yada well next year the crowd should be a little. Louder because they're allowing noisemakers and musical instruments into one specific section To try. And show pride in their native countries and all that stuff of the fans native. Countries. And get loud according to team the team's website it makes in. Miami very Latin community and if you've, ever, watched, baseball. In, the Dominican Republic or really any country besides here it's a party it's fun and people are singing and dancing Classic and Marlins park yeah. It was a fantastic atmosphere for those games yeah even in Japan out in, the the outfield they usually have supporters sections not unlike say what the seven line does with the Mets but these. People are standing and singing songs for every single batter that comes up throughout the inning and. Then there dead silent when their team is pitching they don't do anything when the opposing team is heading when their teams hitting they have a different song, for each player, that they will clap along to in. Sync to during the at bat it's it's like a party in other places of the, Marlins could bring. That that'd be great but what I envision I know you envision as like three guys up there just and maybe they got like a boom. Box or something I can't I can't imagine this taking off right away or the entire stadium. Isn't that

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