BOJ Takes the Fight to Bond Traders With Surprise Purchase


Fifteen minutes here on Bloomberg daybreak Asia while the Bank of, Japan is over four hundred billion yen of. Five to ten year bonds at its regular operation after yesterday announcing the same amount at an unsheduled operation. The b. o. j. also offering to buy sixty billion yen of JJ maturity's of at twenty five years. Whereas good men to telling us that the. Bureau Jay, could intervention by bonds again on Friday afternoon tikey I time similar to what they. Did, yesterday of course that move yesterday very much, surprised trade as they have, bought in the regular operation again today we are seeing yields on Japanese, bonds fairly steady at the moment having a look at markets doing very well after. That big, selloff yesterday, particularly in the tech space attacks in Taipei up by six tenths of one percent that is of course after we saw apple become that. One trillion dollar company and, we are of course awaiting to see what, China and Hong Kong will do after that big. Selloff yesterday let's get it over to Brian In Beijing Emma Juliette will index futures are pointing to what would be a very welcome update in Chinese equities with mainland stocks which are headed for their worst week in over a month after President Trump ratcheted up. His trade threat looking in the green one bright spot is likely to be China Resources via which is traded in Hong. Kong dot com be a giant Heineken is buying forty percent of China's largest brewer for about. Three billion dollars exposure stocks could also benefits and the. Big anyone. Juliet. All right Emma thank. You so much just having a look at commodities still Shanghai futures up one and. A half percent aluminum also high in Shanghai out by half. Of one percent the yen steadier one hundred, eleven for six nine and we are seeing a little bit of movement coming through in some of. The oil contracts sprint is down by about two tenths, of one percent, seventy three. Dollars thirty two let's get a check now of global news and you Ed Baxter in..

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