More people still needed for organ donations despite a rise last year


Serve and now the Detroit police department wants to make the public more aware. About organ donation Lieutenant Cheryl Stanley is one of the organizers who was also. An organ donor she donated a kidney to her sister. In nineteen ninety-five Lieutenant Stanley talked with WWF. As Stephanie Davis Some people might have, a misunderstanding with respect to, their life will be. If might be an life altering procedure or they have complications but being a kidney donor myself I donated a, kidney to, my sister in nineteen ninety. Five so clearly you can live with one. Kidney now. Most people have two kidneys some, people even have, three kidneys, but, you can live very. Very well with one the only thing that I have to change after the. Transplant was every year when, I go get my annual they they, they checked my creatine level I. Just finished my remaining kidneys functioning properly that's it. Everything else is is status quo, but my, sister you know she. She was very intelligent she was very active and she was diagnosed with lupus at an. Early age and when she was diagnosed she lost both of her kidney function. The function of both her kidneys rather she went on. Dialysis at at some point she was dry Energy but after the transplant I it was just the most notable changes would be the improvement of her complexion for example. A her eyes were much more, clear and of course her improved energy level so you know. The chief is huge on quality of life. Issues that's why partnering with the. University of Michigan gift of life, support was so easy because, we have something in. Common and that is saving lives and improving the quality of life and that's why this symposium is so important, very good, and and let me ask. This question to maybe Dr Mickey how long. After your. Tested do you find out that, your match and, then what's, what, are the steps that. You go through following that from a donor perspective we like to think we. Would we would rather evaluate, mar people that might be interested and, and rather than have people roll. Themselves out because they don't think they can be. A donor the Basically after the first visit we should have a pretty good idea. Of whether or not you'd be a donor. And then. Within a few weeks we should be able to make sure, that that is possible generally, people that have to have lots of medical tests would not be a donor but most people are? Healthy and they're really no barriers, to preceding yeah the kidney you. Get has to be an okay blood type for the recipient but we even have ways now where we can have people swap kidneys with somebody they might..

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