Mystery deepens after couple sickened with nerve agent not 'deliberately targeted'


Are the radio home of the mets an iheartradio station seventy nine degrees at eleven o'clock hot cloudy humid good morning i'm mike bauer a day after climbing the statue of liberty a woman is in court to face a judge she was protesting president trump's immigration policies therese okuma spent hours at the bottom of lady liberty's dress and now suspend time but the judge after being slapped with trespassing and disorderly conduct charges members from black lives matter will also be in federal court to support her okumu climb the base of the satcher of liberty on independence day and it prompted officials to evacuate thousands from liberty island she's part of the rise and resist in my see group and they were protesting president trump's immigration policies i'm scott pringle for seven ten pd is remembering it me as sodas familiar an officer who was shot in the head and killed a year ago today her daughter spoke at a candlelight vigil this morning saying her mother was an optimistic person crazy as it is everybody can see like my mom to a street outside the bronx stationhouse where familiar worked is being named in her honour cops are searching for an eleventh suspect in connection with the alleged gang killing of a bronx teenager fifteen year old louis sandro guzman felise nicknamed junior was killed in a case of mistaken identity in thailand the races onto free twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave workers are trying to keep water from flowing in other avenues that rescuers taking drilling holes in the side of the rock whatever that water can come out i spoke to an official elliott today and he said that what they might do is get the boys and fit within life jackets because they really don't want to get their heads under the water that is one of the things i feel is really very dangerous that's correspondent james longman president trump has reportedly interviewed seven candidates for the supreme court opening but there's some concern about those he's spoken to several republican lawmakers are raising concerns about one of the leading contenders president trump's nominee for the supreme court abc news has learned that senators rand paul tom cotton and ted cruz have all called the president to express concerns about brett cavanaugh a federal appeals court judge here in washington cavanaugh is a former top official from the george w bush administration some of his critics say he would not be a reliable conservative on the bench pointing to his rulings on recent cases involving abortion and obamacare karen travers abc news the white house and a couple of britain is critically ill after being poisoned with a nerve agent it's the same nerve agent that point poisoned a former russian spy earlier in the year at counterterrorism investigation underway into that deepening poison mystery to people are fighting for their lives authorities confirming through tests they were exposed to the russian nerve agent novacek the same nerve agent used against a former russian spy and his daughter four months ago this new case just seven miles away from where that pair was poisoned three we'll take.

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