60 migrants refused by Italy and Malta arrive in Barcelona


Live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbst president trump is back at the white house from a quick trip to west virginia trump travel to the states greenbrier resort where nba npr's style snyder reports he had his supreme court decision on his mind president trump told his audience at the greenbrier that he spent the past few days interviewing potential nominees to fill the seat of the retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy he said he's on track to announce his choice on monday he's a very talented people brilliant people and they really love it like just as gorsuch we we had a home run there and we're gonna hit a home run here the white house says the president has interviewed seven prospective nominees three of them on tuesday trump spoke at a charity dinner ahead of a pga golf tournament honoring active duty military veterans trial snyder npr news washington as officials in thailand work on a plan to extract twelve boys and their soccer coach from deep underground cave heavy rain is forecast for later this week which could complicate things one option is to have them dive out but experts say taking inexperienced divers through the flooded cave system would be risky torsten likelier is a german diving expert and a technical advisor to the rescue team that tunneling is basically like in a snake design it's going up and down so you have certain areas which are dry but you might have a steep point he says visibility is extremely poor and officials say the boys in their coach could be down there for weeks or even months militias former prime minister in a jeep razzaq has been formally charged with abuse of power and other criminal charges less than two months after a massive corruption scandal led to his defeat in nationwide elections michael sullivan reports from neighboring thailand g pleaded not guilty to three counts of corruption and one of abuse of power in connection with the investigation into the socalled one md be scandal involving billions of dollars in government money allegedly siphoned from the state run fund by gbs associates bail was set at roughly two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the jeep was ordered to surrender his passport in a message posted on twitter nejib offered a week explanation saying not all the allegations against me and my family are true us investigators claim more than four billion dollars was stolen from the one md be fund and that seven hundred million allegedly made its way into gbs personal account for npr news i'm michael sullivan chiang rai thailand a rescue ship was sixty migrants on board has docked in barcelona after being refused entry by italy and malta a spanish a group says the migrants on board the open arms ship come from fourteen countries this is the second time in a month that a humanitarian ship has been forced to travel for days looking for a port that will allow it to dock in the mediterranean wall street is closed today for the fourth of july holiday you're listening to npr news and this is wnyc.

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