Starbucks partners with Alibaba on coffee delivery to boost China business


Pies beginnings but the cookbook from pastry chef still a parks claims the first recipe was developed by. The board and milk company in, the nineteen thirties as a way to sell one. Of its main ingredients condensed milk but Sloan says that's. Not true and that this is a. Case of cultural appropriation someone was trying to take away the Florida Keys culture And I'm not gonna stand for it Sloan says the keys signature dessert was perfected in the late eighteen hundreds in key west. By the woman named Sally in, two thousand six Florida voted key lime pies the. State's official desert with the celebration staged in key west California's death valley. Tentatively set a world record for the hottest month ever. In July the months average temperature was one hundred eight point one degrees according to the Las Vegas office of the. National weather service that rose to the previous record set, in death valley in July twenty seventeen when the average was one hundred seven, point four degrees it's not official yet the data considered preliminary and it needs to be reviewed before it goes. Into the record books the temperatures are measured. At furnace creek in death valley national park of vast austere and rugged landscape in the desert of southeastern California the location holds the record, for the highest temperature ever, recorded one hundred thirty four degrees on July tenth nineteen thirteen Four-legged meow dolls and their owners have walked down the red carpet during a fundraiser in Manhattan organizers say more than ten thousand dollars was expected to be raised during the. Annual feline fashion show with the Elgon hotel this year's. Theme was the purring twenties the aug seconds event raised money for the mayor's alliance for NYC's animals which helps support. More than one hundred fifty animal shelters and rescues in, New York a certified pet fashion designer dress the cats in a number of, styles including a pink fringe flapper dress a wide brim garden hat a striped Zoot suit and a double breasted. Tuxedo Starbucks and, Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba group are kicking off a coffee delivery venture the company say it starts next month in Beijing. And Shanghai it'll expand to thirty cities, by the end of the year Starbucks joins a booming Chinese delivery industry, for goods ranging from close to groceries to cooked food its venture with Alibaba mimics, Chinese upstart luck coffee which opened. This year and is challenging Starbucks by, delivering coffee ordered over a mobile, phone app companies say their partnership will give Starbucks access to Alibaba consumer platforms Former president Lyndon B Johnson's home on his Texas ranch will be. Temporarily closed the, home known as the Texas Whitehouse's having structural issues the National. Park Service said, Thursday that the pool house will also be. Closed other attractions at the Lyndon B Johnson national historic park. Are still open that includes Johnson's boyhood home in, Johnson city the ranch house is outside of. Johnson city visitors there can still, do a driving tour and go to the visitor center the park service said that the other facilities will be closed until it can be confirmed that there aren't any safety problems Hi I'm making crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast. Ground game a look at the top political issues. Bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections it's available. On apple podcasts and podcast one while you're there be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game AP radio news I'm Tim Maguire federal judge says the Trump administration is responsible for all the children's still separated from. Their parents AP's Mike Rossier reports. Conference call, Friday US district judge Dennis Ross. Said the Trump administration is solely responsible for reuniting hundreds of migrant children who. Are still, separated from their. Parents the government proposed on Thursday that the American Civil Liberties. Union use, its considerable resources to reunite the children with their parents many of whom are in Guatemala and Doris the ACLU is representing the parents Sabrina says he will order the government to name someone to lead the effort Mike. Rossier, Washington special counsel Robert Muller's team continues to present its case against former trumpet campaign chairman Paul Manafort chat day, has been covering that trial mosquitoes are now getting to the. Heart of their case as jurors here from two accountants who, say that he never reported foreign Bank accounts. On his taxes that contain Millions of dollars at this point in this case jurors have also heard. Previously from other businessmen that Manafort. Use those accounts. To pay for. Millions of dollars, in luxury items investigators in Las Vegas say they had the who what and. Where.

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