How One Boy's Fight With Epilepsy Led To The First Marijuana-Derived Pharmaceutical


It's morning edition from NPR news I'm. David green and I'm Noel king good morning the first medication derived from. Marijuana could be in pharmacies as early, as this fall the FDA recently approved it to treat two types. Of epilepsy cake Leslie mcclurg has. The story of one family's quest to get this drug Evelyn Nissenbaum used to watch her, son Sam suffer through one, hundred seizures a day when they, were bad they were once every three minutes Dan was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four years old when it did ever seizures. Sort of everything went black kind of. For about twenty seconds just long enough to tumble down a. Flight of stairs at, his house in Berkeley plunge into a dinner plate crack head on window I don't, remember a lot of it really doctors tried nearly two dozen different medications to treat Sam nothing worked long term and the side effects for many were. Severe full body rashes fits of rage strange Fficials a Hillis name that my folks sheets came to life. In that holes in my body seven exhausting years passed and. Then Evelyn came across the study using. Cannabis dial. Or CBD to successfully treat seizures in rats CD is an extract from the cannabis. Plant that doesn't make you high and I thought my son needs. Access to that I gotta get this she dug around and found a. British pharmaceutical company that was making highly, concentrated CBD for multiple sclerosis patients the company agreed to let Sam. Try the drag in the UK. Under a doctor's supervision for two weeks after Wedneday his seizures were down to thirty after, two days they were down, to ten after three days he, had one seizure Sam is now seventeen the drugs still works and he doesn't have any side effects for the past six years the. FDA has allowed what's called a compassionate. Use for Sam along the way hundreds of other patients have. Tried the drug in. Clinical trials which eventually led to its recent FDA approval the brand name for the CBD drug is EPA dialects this is. What everyone asked about Dr Joe Sirven isn't Arale just at the mayo. Clinic in Arizona this almost had like instant name. Recognition he says his. Patient's read about EPA dialects studies on social media and then they'd begged to try it it showed. Really, really great results particularly with certain larger seizures the big convulsions now many patients are using CBD from marijuana dispensaries but, these aren't regulated and the dose inconsistency can vary. Widely still serving doesn't necessarily recommend switching I, would never change it. If it's working for. You if it's not thou here's an option EPA dialects isn't right for everyone it only. Reduces seizures in about thirty percent of epilepsy patients and the drug can cause. Side effects like fatigue nausea diarrhea rashes insomnia and it's not on the market just yet I the Drug. Enforcement Administration needs to reclassify CBD it's. Currently, a schedule one drug meaning at the legal, under federal law that's expected to happen by early fall so once that's, done it could potentially. Be in Walgreens or Rite Aid but there are still. Big holes there, are, big gaps in. The price has not been announced. Yet you will need a prescription and you Zimbabwe's insurance companies, may not cover EPA dialects it looks like we, were, for, ten, bottles, here for now San still gets his drugs at, the investigational pharmacy at UC San Francisco Their from please Someday Sam hopes he's the one prescribing EPA dialects wanna be. An, epilepsy doctor I the seventeen year old is going to get. His driver's license he was just cleared to get. Behind the wheel he hasn't had a seizure in more than two years for NPR news unless they mcclurg. In San Francisco so if you've ever been, on a diet but you didn't, lose the weight you had hoped to lose your gut bacteria might be part. Of the, problem NPR's Alison Aubrey reports on how the microbes in our guts may either help or. Hinder weight loss this is kind of an odd thing, to think about but the bacteria that live in our guts can actually do. Us a favor they eat. What we can't Martin Blaser is a professor at NYU. Langone medical, center he says consider what happens when we, eat an apple we digest, most of it but there's a certain part of the apple that. Can't be absorbed we don't have the right enzymes to digest every, bit of it but are bacteria can after the bacteria consume, what we can't, they Produce, byproducts that we can digest and that's another source of calories. For, us somewhere between five and fifteen percent of all our calories. Come from that kind of digestion where the microbes. Are providing energy for us that we we couldn't ordinarily get and times were bad if we were starving. We would really welcome that but these days, when many people want to lose, weight we may not want these extra calories the microbes give us researchers at. The mayo, clinic in Minnesota wanted to know if they could identify certain types of bacteria that might. Influence the success of dieting Purna cash up a gastroenterologist, helped to lead the study it included people who were enrolled in a one. Year lifestyle program they were. Counseled to follow a low calorie diet and agreed to. Be monitored, closely we started with the premise that people, have different microbial make-up's in, the in the gut and that good insurance how well they do. With dieting Richmond and it turns out when cash up and his, team compared the dieters who were successful with those who are. Not They, did find differences we found that people who lost, at least five percent of their body weight had different gut bacteria as compared to those who did not lose five percent of their body big for instance they found an abundance of bacteria, called dial Lister in the guts of people. Who did not lose, much weight and another type. Of bacteria was high in successful dieters cash up says, down the road if they can show. The same, results in a larger group of dieters they'd like to use this information to help people lose weight what do you hope to do is to be able to individualize care for people and we would also. Try to develop new robotics which we can use to change the. Microbial makeup but manipulating the mix of microbes in your gut is easier said than. Done according to NYU's Martin blazer it's complicated he says in part it depends how lucky will be whether the organisms that we think are beneficial we, can cultivate them well it said that they could become next years probiotic that remains on he says if it's possible It's still some years off. Palace and, Aubrey NPR news Support for your health comes from.

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