Kelly Clarkson Reportedly Heading To Daytime TV With Talk Show


I screwed up the whole meal Oh. No regular Tabasco regular Tabasco and I don't know if I put. Squirted. It or what kit was so terrible it was so hot. It stunk it was just the. Worst ever, I was, sweating as blowing my nose like I was already, the guy sitting alone in restaurants, already, looked like a weirdo, and, I. Was blowing my nose. And you know when I blow my nose I honked my horn? It, makes a sound it. Was a whole thing and then every bite was a bummer instead of. Being a. Blessing sucks am I here today Yeah Robber you're a. Trooper all. Right no wonder. Respect I just wonder. Admiration Okay All. Right can I tell you my my entertainment related stories that have nothing to do with? Food. Yeah Hm Kelly. Clarkson She is filming a pilot first syndicated daytime. Talk show what do you think about? That Well I don't like it I feel like we're a little and I say this. As a, talk show host like we're little heavy on the daytime talk a little bit you know I think it does make. Great sense in local markets because? You have a specific, local thing that you're. Talking about do you know what I mean that's radio still works but I don't know, I a lot of people have. Tried, it. And. It. Doesn't work Meredith Vieira Katie Kerr Harry, Connick junior canceled canceled. Canceled, yes agreed, agreed agreed. I just think, that just because Kelly Clarkson very. Likable person sure strong personality great personality she's a singer. Let her be a singer singer Thing Singer, singer say normal singer Singer ours your. Thing that's your kryptonite singer, you, certain things But let her do that stay. In your lane we don't, I don't, want to see. Kelly, Clarkson chatting it up with you know. Who, else did. Actually she had a. Somewhat successful on The Wilson. Girl, from Wilson Phillips Brian Wilson's daughter Carney we'll see remember that I mean just I just feel like just because someone has a good. Personality and they happen to sing for a living And, they happen. To be a good interview doesn't mean that they belong on daytime. Talk. That's like putting on Justin Timberlake as a host of a daytime talk. Show it's not necessary Carney was. On from nineteen ninety. Five to, ninety six I thought she was on longer came back those Ricki lake Ricki lake also she had a successful Carney show dealt with issues concerning unruly teenagers hookers this, is the. Description unruly teenagers hookers abusive parents bad relationships physical appearances weight loss. Building. Self esteem and trivial subjects such as unusual pets was Carney you can. Binge watch that nowhere today Remember watching Ricky. Lake, kid my mom. Just let us sit. In front, of, we were. Just watch these trashy talks Ricky we're. Watching Maury Mantell Williams always. Just so debonair he. Doesn't such a cool calm and Sally Jesse. Raphael horse yeah I do Donahue. Yeah aches too much we don't need Kelly. Clarkson dune daytime talk thing you are a Grammy award winning. Artist. Let's let's keep her there that's. Just, my opinion, I just, because you, give a, good interview doesn't mean you a. Good interview there are people who. Trained to do that people like yourself Ceelo green. Is returning to the voice oh cool that's. Fun I guess He's only going to be a mentor though he's gonna be Adams mentor the only reason I say that is I can't imagine people aren't. Going to have a problem with. This. Because of that he. Raped charge that was it wasn't a. Charge, actually. It was. An accusation Against him did that totally not. Ever no because they didn't. Have enough evidence wow so you probably didn't hear a whole lot about that but yeah lack of evidence he did plead guilty to giving. This woman a controlled substance which. I. Believe was ecstasy but He denied rumors also that he quit the voice to. Avoid being, fired so he. Will be back the voice is back on Monday September twenty, four th for its fifteenth. Season Are you you're not a, voice guy you're an idol guy right yeah Yeah I'm with you on that one. More quick music at. Lady. Gaga going to Vegas doing a residency there. It starts December twenty eighth that is, going to be an enormous success. Show have twenty seven performances in total and this is, kind of cool the fans will have to. Pick between? Two different shows lady Gaga. Enigma or lady Gaga, jazz? Piano Ooh that's cool which would you pick I don't know what.

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