Dozens shot across Chicago in spate of weekend violence


To overcoming addiction it's been about two weeks since, the Twenty-six-year-old overdose than she thanked the staff at cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, where she's been hospitalized in her Instagram post she also thanked her family team and fans saying. I will keep fighting Matt piper CBS news This is your, cogos all. News station NewsRadio. Seven eight and one zero five point. Nine FM and VM NewsRadio dot com Davin BBN news time. To all. Five Monday August the six, good morning I'm Bob Conroy overcast skies seventy six degrees right now scattered showers storm around and lows in the mid seventies, later on today. We'll, have partial sunshine hot and humid again a high about ninety and likely prospect of showers, and thunderstorms primarily late in the day and we'll check the five day forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. While thousands of fans safely enjoyed lollapalooza these past few days shootings over the weekend left half a dozen people dead and around fifty, wounded in Chicago WB b. m.'s Nancy hardy reports may or manual yesterday weighed in. On the different experiences violence in part Of the. City didn't stop, as grant park became the. Center of, the music universe for the weekend mayor Emanuel was asked, about the two very different sides of the city I'm happy people are enjoying enjoying lollapalooza, that's a good thing but we have worked to do which is why I.

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