U.S. court orders Trump administration to fully reinstate DACA program


Sovereign jetty White House reporter for the daily caller with. All the news but you need to know from coming out of the White House. And Capitol Hill I'm Mary Walter and I'm here. With bids colonies so good morning happy as always to be joining this morning by Joe digenova legal analyst and pharmacy is turning to the, district of Columbia, Joe. Good morning. Sir good morning glad to have you. Back on Friday the big news coming out that a judge John Bates US District Judge John Bates has now barred the Trump administration from ending DACA and saying that they need to fully restore the deferred action for. Childhood arrivals program that's that that program put in. Place by President Obama that allows young illegal immigrants Or they were, young at one point. To stay. In the United States without punishment how, is it exactly and and the judge says that. The Trump administration failed in its rationale for why it was changing it back. Why does it need to provide a rationale of this is an executive action to begin with well actually it. Doesn't make a confession here John I'm a John Bates the chief of my civil. Division when I was US attorney and then recommended. Him for a US district court judge John is is a good man but in this case he happens to be deadly wrong let's remember, this is this, beautifully. Named deferred. Action for childhood arrivals that's what docket. Stands for this is the goofy name that President Obama thought up to violate the law out of whole cloth he created an illegal program with a right to stay President Trump becomes president and says okay well that. Executive order by President Obama is a legal unconstitutional ongoing rescinded he's already said that Publicly that is sufficient reason the is simply wrong this notion this is something that the. Judge and two other. Judges just don't wanna do they don't want to take responsibility for making these children quote unquote leave the country. This is another outrageous example of judicial overreach he said that the reasons given by the president? Or, arbitrary and capricious my answer to that. Is. Nonsense get yourself a dictionary judge Joe why why does the constitutionally constitutionality and legality of this action even matter like let's pretend it. Was all fine and on the up. And up wouldn't it be well within the president's rights. To remove, a program put in place by the same branch of. Government yes it it it. Is within his the is simply wrong you know this is this is under the rubric of these. These old cases from the nineteen seventies by liberal judges that wants a right has been, created, by, the government in order to take it away you have to have. Some over arching justification This is the corruption of judicial overreach and how it has infected our. Public policy the fundamental rule here is the president who, follows, another, president can rescind. The executive orders of the previous president that. He's black letter constitutional law and the fact that federal judges refused to. Recognize it shows why it's important to get Brett Cavanaugh, on, the. Supreme? Court could everything is going to have to work its way to? The supreme court and that's part of what what's going on on the, left is that they're just delaying delaying delaying the marvelous game the left cannot win through elections so it winds through? The, courts regrettably. This is a Republican judge John Bates he's. A nice, guy but he's just dead wrong let's talk about another judge Dana sabroto a. US district judge who said that the Trump administration is responsible for finding immigrant parents who were deported and chose to. Leave their children here or who were release East into the US for whatever reason without their children how is. This the administration's responsibility if the parents chose to leave their children here in wouldn't take them with them this is another example of, incomprehensible judicial conduct I'm not quite sure what it's gonna take to sort of get federal judges back into the role that the constitution. Gives them which is relatively limited one had like five or six federal judges. Basically running the government telling the president of the United States that he can't do things that he was elected to. Do that is absolutely absurd it. Is a kind of judicial autonomy that. Has gotten out of control. There is. No justification for what, that judge did and yet. It continues this is going to happen until we get. A full smackdown from the supreme court on the substance of each issue which is whether or not the president has already and then secondarily these nationwide Guide injunctions the. Judges issue from one little court? In podunk that's all gotta stop and the supreme court has to address that the. FBI has released some documents related to Christopher. Steele move onto him he's the the guy who compiled the Trump dossier the the one is filled with all sorts of half, truths and and skeptical. Information of in terms of how credulous we should be about it Christopher Steele FBI documents heavily heavily redacted we can find out almost no information this is almost this. Is almost a joke. Right well what we know now is that this is this is no. Longer even open to question notwithstanding the lunatics on, CNN MSNBC and the. New York Times and the Washington Post there was the plot a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton and to frame Donald Trump it's real simple stop it it's not. Even open to, question anymore The Steele dossier is basically, unverified garbage none of it has ever been verified I keep hearing John Brennan and others say oh. Some of it's been verified but they never quite say. What ended has been. Verified and the reason is they can't what's really interesting is it after Steele was fired by the FBI for violating. Their rules as a confidential informant they actually continue to use him by having him report directly to Bruce Moore who was out of the deputies office under Obama in the Justice department and then. Bruce or acted steals, mouthpiece going back. To the f. b. i. and giving. Them the same type of bad intelligence and, the? FBI, because this is what they do made three o two's for every interview that they had. With Bruce source they're they're like sixty or seventy of these forms which Senator Grassley. Wants to make public, the bureau is refusing by the way keep your eyes and ears. Open over the, next week. Or two or a little bit more More there's going to be more stuff on five it's going to be fascinating it's going to get very ugly for Christopher Wray and rod Rosenstein. As evidence continues to mount that they are withholding information from congress and the public merely. Because they don't want to embarrass the, bureau or their predecessors at the department of Justice very interesting we will be looking for that Jaysekulow has come out and said that if Muller subpoenas the president they're gonna fight. Them all. The way to the supreme court But yet doesn't is fine the face, of what Rudy. Giuliani has been out saying to the last week or so well I think you're seeing a little good cop bad cop here I don't expect, the president to agree to any. Interview by Muller given the incredible illegitimacy of Muller's investigation the manner in which it's, been conducted the people who were conducting it. I think that the president is. Under no constitutional obligation in a case like this. Where he is not accused of a crime he is not a vital witness. There is no evidence that he has any information the special counsel has not provided to the president. In any of his letters any evidence that he thinks the president possesses which. Can get from no one else under existing law the. President is generally quote not. Available because he's very busy in this situation I think the, president will win any fight over subpoena I think Muller knows that and I think if, he were, going to, issue a subpoena he would've issued a long long Time ago. He doesn't want to issue it subpoenaed. Yeah I mean the president's in Bedminster a lotta time to think about whether, or not he actually wants. To do this we'll see what the outcome of that is Joe digenova thank you very. Much, really appreciate it as always seven fifteen now, wwl.

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