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To discuss developments in his most recent work on the nature of gravity levitation and, contradictions, in. Physics in the second half Bryan c. Wilson professor of comparative. Religion at western Michigan university Kalamazoo Michigan he'll recount the, life of John fetzer I very successful businessman early last century whose quest for spirituality outside mainstream religion change the rich and complex history of metaphysical religious in the mid west and the, United States at large that's tonight on coast to coast AM with George Noory your phone calls questions, comments for the author of who murdered Elvis right here on coast to coast AM stay with us July of two thousand seventeen bitcoin was down. Forty percent by bitcoin at crypto currency expertise to worry from Palm Beach letter wrote about it. Announcement that would bring enormous amounts of money in the bitcoin at the time bitcoin was. Trading at around eighteen hundred fifty dollars a coin he said then bitcoin could hit ten thousand. Dollars people thought he was nuts we're in the middle of a horrific bear market by the end of last year though. Bitcoin hit twenty thousand forward to, today tika just announced like last year another big, event, is. Happening it.

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