Trump says Canada not needed in NAFTA deal, warns Congress not to interfere


Trump tweeted. Today that if congress doesn't stay out of trade negotiations with Canada he'll terminate, NAFTA completely NPR's Scott Horsely reports Washington in Toronto. Had hoped to reach a deal by yesterday but the deadline passed President Trump. Jolted trade talks. Friday with a leak news interview and when. She said any agreement with Canada would have to come. Strictly on US terms asked how she could go she ate with someone who's unwilling to. Compromise Canadian, foreign minister Christiane, Freeland replied she believes the, Americans are bargaining in good faith it is going to take flexibility on all sides. To get to a deal in the end we are Confident that, that a win win, win deal is, possible and we're always going to stand up for the national interest. And for Canadian values the US has already struck a tentative deal with Mexico to update NAFTA. But it's not clear whether, lawmakers would go along with that to party, deal if Canada this left

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