Investigators examine why Army helicopters blew down tents that injured 22 soldiers in California


Services to pet insurance to other add ons now the San, Francisco based Bank is in the. Process of paying those customers back according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Wall Street today the Dow was down one hundred and thirty four points This, is NPR news I'm Tiffany Cam high the US army is investigating the collapse of a. Large military tent at an. Army base in Monterey County that injured twenty two soldiers military officials say a Black Hawk, helicopter being used during a medical training exercise at fort hunter Liggett believe the tent over last night Master Sergeant Valery resonate he, says it, was part, of a, training exercise we had men come in and practicing landings, to drop off and pick up the. Casualties all of, this soldiers injured have been cleared to return to duty attorneys for victims and women's. Rights, groups say federal guidelines for investigating sexual assault on college campuses violate title nine which bans gender discrimination in education kick you ease Raquel Maria Dillon. Has. More from the federal court hearing in San Francisco today Education secretary. Betsy DeVos has said campus sexual misconduct investigations don't give accused students due process but the plaintiffs say her policy change has discouraged survivors from reporting, incidents to universities our schools Jennifer rice of equal rights advocates it puts schools in, the position of no longer taking seriously, and an implementing their. Duties to ensure equal access to all students regardless. Of sex attorneys for the government said vases efforts are an attempt to improve sexual assault. Investigations.

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