Chinese leader arrives for Africa visit as US interest wanes


Kids being bullied at school. The uncle says, Anthony also tried to protect his brothers and sisters from abuse at home, student activities for our student activists, rather from parkland high school in Florida have arrived in l. a. they're taking part in a community townhall protest at the office of Representative Dana Rohrabacher, and a candlelight, vigil, and bonfire plan by local March for our lives. Organizers Huntington beach has been given the first crack at taking down the state's sanctuary law, a judge denied the state request to postpone the lawsuit, Huntington beach city attorney. Michael gate says that means the city could get a decision on the constitutionality of the law before the Trump administration's lawsuit, having a hundred and twenty one charter cities now not be subject to b fifty four. When we win our case, I think that blows a huge hole in the state law altogether. Both lawsuits, say California can't tell local law enforcement not to turn illegal immigrants over to the feds trial is set for late September in Huntington beach. Corbin Carson KFI news. A proposed three euro deal would give raises. His to LA. USD principals and, administrators the races would be up to six percent for more than twenty, five hundred l. employees the proposed, agreement is retroactive to July first of last year l. a. USD's board of education and associated administrators of LA members must vote to approve the races, that'll take place, in, August Chinese president Xi Jinping has arrived in Africa. On a four nation visit that will seek deeper military and economic ties this is she's, first trip abroad since he was appointed to a second, term as president in. March it'll be visiting Senegal and Rwanda before attending a summit of the bricks emerging economies in South Africa owning a pet, could keep you on a leash a new study has found nearly half of Americans who..

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