Tiger Woods gains little ground in BMW Championship despite shooting 66


Bigger? I don't know. I do wonder about Naomi a little bit. This is her idol. She's playing even last night after winning the semi-final. She said impress. I should stop looking at her as my idol. And maybe just as another competitor was she did beat her in Miami. And you wonder what what Pat mo- will learn from that match at what he'll take into syringe. Four times better than she did not least. Exactly and everything is so much better than it was earlier in the season. So it's a big ask no doubt about it. For Naomi from gal Zander Schaaf lease fired or six hundred sixty sixty s a two-shot lead over Justin Rose at the midway Parker part of the BMW championship. Tiger Woods is five off the pace after his opening round sixty two which he followed with the seventy. PTI around one verse two for tiger has got to be a little bit discouraging to follow up that sixty two with a seventy right. I think he should be disappointed. There's no question. He went backwards at

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