After woman's death, police cite 'high dose' of nerve agent


Zero five point nine fm architectural organizations have started an effort to save the look of the chicago bungalow there those little squatty homes sometimes referred to as grandma's house but their existence may now be threatened a bit sometimes says the american institute of architects those lonesome project to stop on called popup expansions to the bungalows it's a way to give the home so second floor but that classic look goes away when you do that the group along with the chicago bungalow social gathering signatures and a campaign called stop the pop they want to help change minds and come up with alternatives they say there's a better way to make the bungalow bigger they an newsradio on one zero five point nine fm british police believe the latest victims of poisoning by a deadly nerve agent must have handled the materials container scotland yard assistant commissioner neil zoo says the death of dawn sturgis shows that she and her partner charlie raleigh were exposed to a high dose of the military grade nerve agents we have launched a murder investigation after learning the devastating news the dawn sturgis died in hospital it is shocking and utterly appalling british citizen has died having being exposed to a nerve agent you said that the working theory is that their exposure was linked to the earlier nerve agent attack in march on an ex spy the third child of england's prince william and his wife catherine was christened today two and a half month old baby prince louis we'll have six guide parents chosen from close friends and family members of the royal couple former movie mogul harvey weinstein pleads not guilty in a sexual assault case involving a third woman women's attorney gloria allred challenged weinstein's lawyer put him on the witness stand are you really willing to have your client base the jury are you really willing to roll the dice and hope and pray that your client will be able to answer questions under oath allred says her client will testify under oath to trial weinstein maintains.

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