Judge drops charges against 3 linked to New Mexico compound


Child abuse charges are being tossed out. In the New Mexico desert, compound case Andrew. Spencer explains what happened one of the judges overseeing the case called it a complete failure follow Proper procedures in prosecuting case highlighting the, shocking details the public is already seen a remote. Compound in northern New Mexico eleven children found emaciated and starving a small child missing and later found dead the original charges eleven counts, of felony child abuse against each of the five adults found on that. Compound have now all been dropped because prosecutors had not scheduled a preliminary hearing within the ten day timeframe required by state law I. Don't know whether they're overworked they don't have enough people at their, office. I don't see the district attorney here or the chief. Deputy District Attorney but it is disturbing to me that's district attorney would put this court in that kind of a situation. The only charges that remain or. Against, Janney Laville in Sarraj behind the father of Amdahl whose remains were found on, the grounds of the compound. On what would have been his fourth birthday Laville highs have both. Pleaded Not guilty the charges related to other Ghani's

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