Michigan Motel Fire Kills 5 Children and Their Mother


AST Cordova Sacramento the southwest Michigan mother and, her fight children who were killed in a fire in an extended stay motel over. The weekend died from smoking Latian according to autopsies down at western Michigan university burying county sheriff Paul Bailey was at a. Loss for words after responding. To the deadly fire The husband and a one year old child made it out safely the man. Tried to go back in for the rest of the family but was. Unable to save them the fire has been ruled accidental congressmen, and civil rights icon John Lewis is back home. After being hospitalized a spokesperson said the, seventy eight year old was given a clean Bill felt after doctors completed test Lewis was taken toward. Atlanta area hospital after becoming ill and a plane if you still have the urge. For a late summer getaway there might be. A nice surprise waiting for you when you go to make reservations experts say it's, much cheaper to buy most anything, related to travel in August as head back to school you start to see the man flow even as early as early. To mid August so it's a, great, time to find deals you really have to know where to find them that journey toward a tourist says finding deals on, hotels and resorts is it really that hard putting those with a few more vacation. Days to burn the summer in a very lucky spot definitely look at destinations Where the temperatures are. High because you'll find that the prices will be low for, example New Orleans and keystone are two cities where. Four-star properties will cost only about one, hundred bucks a night NBC news correspondent Kris Clack reports even a last minute cruises a bargain even. Though August is the heart of hurricane season a growing number of people are diagnosed. With life threatening allergic reactions to red meat. Probably because of increased awareness of the problem a bite from the Lone Star tick, can cause people to develop the, red meat allergy researchers in Tennessee say a third of the cases of severe allergic reactions are due to red meat we..

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